Google Merges Google+ And Search

Google+ and Search merged

As expected the search giant has gone ahead to mix Google+ with Google Search in a rush to become more Social. This takes Searching the web to a whole new level. Now you can switch over your own personal search results or from the global web with a single button.
Google+ and Search merged
Your personal search results will include all Google+ circles, photos, posts and other stuff. It will get prioritized based on content generated by you and those in your circles. The question arises of safety and Google has already a solution for that. Now all searches will be performed by default over SSL security. 

Explaining further, for example if you search India, then along with maps, travel info, historical references, you’ll be able to see a post your friend had shared on Google+ which relates to India. It will appear only if it has been shared with you or if the post is public. Also if your searching for a image, the search results will show results mixed with your web images and those of anyone you’re connected to.

Google is going to far to make their social hub Google+ bigger than that of Facebook and Twitter. This will diminish the line between the common web and the web of our personalized Google+. We don't want tailored search results. We wish Google hadn't done this. Personalisation doesn't really mean making things more social. Google Search in India will soon get updated with this feature. 

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