Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Review

10 things you ought to know about the hottest new MPV in town!

HTC One X Review

It's mean, charming, exhilarating and power-packed. Rating: 8.5/10.

Nokia finally launches 808 PureView in India at Rs.33,899

The much-hyped Nokia 808 PureView withholding its huge 41-megapixel snapper is finally getting an Indian launch today


Google's New Doodle Wishes You A Happy New Year

Once gain Google maintains their tradition of Doodles for special occasions and festivals. Just as we march towards the countdown for New Year, Google wishes all it's users a 'Happy New Year' with this groovy image above on their homepageOn clicking the doodle it takes you obviously to image results of happy new year, a few websites of new year wallpapers and a video of Abba's song - Happy New YearOur memories are still fresh when the Google guys surprised us with the famous 'Let It Snow' trick and let's not forget last week's "Happy Holidays' doodle. Well, we surely loved them all.

Here's wishing you all loyal readers a Happy New Year. May the year of 2012 bring upon the best for you and us. Enjoy!


Preview: 2012 Auto Expo

The 2012 Auto Expo, touted to be the biggest Auto Expo yet, is just around the corner and things are in full swing with car brands still releasing tidbits of information to keep our interest until the doors open on January 7, 2012 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This year, the venue will be host to around 50 new launches including cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles. The lineup of brands is expected to be bigger than ever as well. MAG Cube gives you a lowdown on what cars & bikes to look out for at the global extravaganza.

The show will bring in quite a lot of renowned brands under one roof
Audi’s line-up for the Expo is nothing short of explosive, with models ranging from affordable mini-SUV;the Q3 to the tarmac-shattering R8 Spyder (pictured above) with a Lamborghini-sourced 5.2-litre V10 engine. Also on display will be Audi’s practical super-coupe, the RS5– direct rival to the BMW M3. Audi will also introduce its S-line range with the all-new S6; this hot version of the A6 comes with a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 under the hood and 414hp to play with.

French Car makers Peugeot (in its second innings) & Citroën will showcase their upcoming models heading for our market. Peugeot’s first model to hit the streets will be the brilliant-looking 508 Saloon. Meanwhile, Renault’s big thing for the Expo will be the Indian debut of its mini-SUV, Duster; believed to be launched by July-end, this mini-SUV shares its underpinnings with the Logan (now Mahindra Verito) The Duster is no proper off-roader; lack of 4WD (only two-wheel-drive for our market) limits its potential. However, the Duster won’t carry a huge price-tag; Renault aims to price it in a reasonable Rs 7-9Lakh range.      
Renault Duster
Korean Giant Hyundai will unveil the new Elantra sedan to be sold here in India. The 3rd-gen Elantra failed to strike the right chord with customers. Hyundai though, aims to change that with the new Elantra. Next on the agenda is the new Sonata, which will also be present at the Expo.
Maruti Suzuki on the other hand, will showcase its ‘tailor-made for India’ five-seater concept SUV.  Surprisingly, even the other big launch is not a hatchback. What it is is a brand new utility vehicle, Ertiga. The Ertiga is based on the same platform as the Maruti Ritz and uses bits from the new Swift as well. When launched at the Expo, we expect the Ertiga to cost anywhere between Rs 6-9lakh range.

    Toyota's all-new Camry
Toyota is all-set to showcase its line-up of newly refreshed car range. Not too long ago, nearly every model wearing the Toyota badge received a makeover. And now, the Japanese car maker is ready to unveil the models which include the face-lifted Fortuner, Innova, Prius and the Land Cruiser range. An all-new Camry with refreshed looks and improved interiors will be showcased as well. Other big changes to the car can be found under the hood, a 2.5-litre VVT-ipetrol engine mated to either six-speed manual or an Auto ‘box does the job.  

Tata Motors promises a glittery lineup of all new sedans, SUVs and concepts from its Jaguar and Land Rover stable. Plus! There’s the all-new Safari to be unveiled. However, there is no information related to the launch of the much anticipated diesel Nano.
BMW-owned Mini will make its debut at the Expo
Then there is BMW’s Mini, which will make its India debut at the show. The epitome of retro cool, Mini will be here on our roads early next year. Another iconic British Marquee, Triumph (or Triumph Motorcycles) will mark its entry into the buzzing Indian Performance-bike market. The company will showcase over 7 models to be offered later in the year. 

Moreover on the floor is the launch of ‘all-American’ Harley Davidson’s line of customized options for its current range of big bikes, besides unveiling new models.
New entrants aside, the existing super premium and luxury carmakers that are sure to steal the show are Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini along with VW’s Bugatti and Porsche. All in all, New Delhi is the place to be this January. Oh yes, this show is about to get a whole lot bigger!

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The 84th Academy Awards Official Poster Is Revealed

It is here and there is no denying. Its coming soon. The fruit for all the effort. The Official poster of 84th Academy Awards, scheduled on 12th February 2012 with Billy Crystal at the helm. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Science has unveiled the official poster for the awards with the tagline "Celebrate the movies in all of us". The movies the poster celebrates are Gone with the Wind (1939), Casablanca (1943), Giant (1956), The Sound of Music (1965), The Godfather (1972), Driving Miss Daisy (1989), Forrest Gump (1994) and Gladiator (2000). 

Don't start biting your nails yet. The nominations will be announced on January 24th. Via the Official Oscars site


Transformers Blu-ray 3D Landing In Ultimate & Collector's Edition On January 31st

Transformers 3 Bluray
Transformers: Dark of the Moon

A good news for all those people who have seen Transformers: Dark of the Moon but still want more of it, here is a feed. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is releasing in Blu-ray Limited 3D Edition on 31st of January 2012 on Amazon. It will be available with four hours of bonus features. Two kinds of versions will be available, first up is the $39.99 four disc Ultimate Edition with a 2D copy on one disc, a Blu-ray full of extras, a Blu-ray 3D copy, and a DVD with the film in standard def plus iTunes / Windows Media Player compatible digital copies. The discs will be Ultraviolet ready, so you can download them on other devices. Another release will be a $99 seven-disc Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray Trilogy set that dedicates two discs each to the first two movies and three for DotM as well as a signed plaque from the director. Some visual junkies are already drooling. We have already set the reminder in our calendar for this one!


Airtel's Network Goes Down In Mumbai Today

Airtel Network Down
The country's largest private operator, Bharti Airtel which has a user base of 173.73 million has been facing technical issues in their network leading to customers facing service outrage throughout the day.

"A technical outage has affected our network in the western region, resulting in disruption of some services. We are working toward rectifying the outage at the earliest. We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to our customers," an Airtel spokesperson said. 

Western regions of Maharashtra including users from Pune have also reported newtork issues and BlackBerry users were especially outraged by this. 
Airtel's Twitter account is flooded with customer complaints.

I'm myself a Airtel user and have been facing problems in sending a call, text and my data services have stopped working since afternoon. Did it affect you?

Source: Business Today

Toyota Launches an All-new Compact Hybrid, the Aqua - World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Hybrid

Toyota Motor Corp has launched a smaller version of its hugely popular Prius hybrid, the Aqua, an all-new compact hatch, aimed to compete with Honda for the young buyers who are looking for a fuel-efficient entry-level vehicle. 
For a start, the Aqua looks quite good for a hybrid, and the overall design is a feast for the eyes. The compact hatch manages to look much better than the Prius. 

Bold yet functional Interior with good amount of space and comfort

Under the hood, the Aqua is powered by not one, but two engines - A 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine along with an electric motor. The battery which powers the electric motor is made up of nickel metal hydride. Both the engines work in perfect harmony to provide an unbeatable fuel-efficiency of 35kpl. In comparison, its bigger brother, the Prius manages 32kilometers to the litre. Toyota aims to sell around 12,000 units of the Aqua every month in japan alone with an entry-level price of 1.69 Million Yen which is around 11,50,000 INR.    

Toyota's Aqua Concept at this year's Tokyo Motor Show

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Best Smartphones Of 2011

Best Smartphones 2011

2011 has come to an end with loads of powerful smartphones and it's time to award the one's that stood out from the rest. Undoubtedly, these devices have become more smarter, 2X faster and now with snappers as good as a replacement for digital cameras. The image we designed above makes it clear who made it to the final top 5 list:
  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Motorola Droid Razr
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • HTC Sensation XE
Although it's quite hard to decide whose the best but we will compare them to decide who stands out. Let the battle begin!

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple used the same strategy for the iPhone 4S when they had released the 3GS, an upgrade to the old 3G. The result to this strategy is the best iPhone yet as the company claims it to be & we agree to that. Although it has the same old 3.5inch screen and exterior borrowed from the iPhone 4, what really got upgraded in the 4S is the dual core processor (A5) taken out from the iPad 2, an improved 8MP camera with a new lens and the most-talked about thing dubbed as smart virtual assistant -Siri. But, does this upgrade make it the Best Smartphone at a cost of Rs.44,000 in India? Let's discuss that in the end verdict.

Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus
Last year we were greeted with the Google Nexus S who first brought Gingerbread to the world and now the Galaxy Nexus who can be called a 'game-changer' for the Android OS. Again manufactured by Samsung, this device carrying the tasty Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) took Android to the next level. Combined with a gorgeous Super AMOLED display, 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor at it's core, this smartphone just got smarter thanks to the all new ICS update which at present is only available in the Nexus making it an advantage over other competitors. But, is it enough to call it the Best Smartphone? Let's discuss that in the end verdict.

Motorola Droid Razr

Motorola Droid Razr
With a attractive designed body made up of diamond-cut aluminium dedicated in making it the slimmest smartphone (7.1mm), has made this Motorola offering a true contender in the market and it does justify of holding the classic prestigious "Razr" brand tag. Every ingredient to make it a top-notch device including a 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor, the stunning Super AMOLED display and a 8MP snapper with Full HD recording is all available. Apart from issues with battery life, if this Droid gets the ICS update, then without second thoughts it will be a perfectly packaged smartphone out there. 

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy SII
Galaxy S II and it's predecessor Galaxy S, both stood out from the rest for being called one of the Best Smartphones but for S II all things started changing much after the end of this year. With the S II, we got to see the visual delicacy of the first ever Super AMOLED Plus display. Also, it use to own the throne of having the slimmest body (9.9mm). Adding the ability to play DivX/XviD videos on this superb display of 4.3-inches  and a feature packed 8MP camera makes this device a true multimedia experience. But, is this all enough to call it the Best Smartphone? Let's discuss that in the end verdict.

HTC Sensation XE

HTC Sensation XE
This powerhouse from HTC boasting a whopping 1.5Ghz Dual-Core Processor surely is sensational. With great build quality and bolder looks, the Sensation also brings Beats Audio Technology to the masses for better sound quality. The other features which have become now a basic for a smartphone to have are all loaded in except for a Super AMOLED display. The point is whether having a audio technology gimmick bagged in makes it worth enough to being called the Best Smartphone? Well, now let's finally talk about it in the Verdict below. 


No, it's not the iPhone 4S. Everyone expected that the new iPhone would have a new design, larger screen (Seriously, 3.5inch?) and 4G connectivity but what we got was the same old device with a change from inside. Without any doubts, Siri truly is an innovation but calling the iPhone 4S Best Smartphone for only this won't do justice to others. I still recommend the 4S to buyers looking out for the Best Camera phone but it will cost Indians Rs.44,000. So, loyal Apple fans go for it but it's not the best.

Samsung's Galaxy S II owned the throne of Best Smartphone throughout the year but by the end of the year, things changed as other Android phones like Galaxy Nexus, Motorola's Droid Razr came into the market. Buyers looking for a entertaining multimedia device, get this. You won't be disappointed.

Geeks would love the power HTC's Sensation XE possesses, but Android 2.3 Gingerbread doesn't really take the advantage of this power. Beats Audio System looks like a gimmick and there's nothing really exceptional about it. Want a good looking powerhouse device? Get this.

So, this leaves us with the last two contenders - Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Droid Razr. The Razr is remarkably a unique design at just 7.1mm thin and weighs only 127g. It has got the right stuff bundled in working perfectly. Razr has a 4.3inches display size whereas the Nexus is a little bigger at 4.65inches and both carry the same 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor. At one point, it looks like a tie between these two devices but wait, we have a WINNER. The only place where the Razr falls short is where the Nexus wins and that is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It's the smartest operating system Google has released yet and if the Razr gets the update in near future then it will be the Best Smartphone but till then, the Galaxy Nexus is sure Winner! (Releasing by the end January 2012 in India)

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Aakash: World's Cheapest Tablet Now Available At For Rs.2,499

Aakash India Price
Aakash Tablet

We all know the ambitious project of the Indian government to build the world's cheapest tablet, which apparently was a success as all the stock got sold out within the first week of launch itself. 

The good news is if you missed your chance to get your hands on this one, then worry not,, an online shopping site, is offering the Aakash tablet (Commercial Version-Ubislate 7) with online payment options (debit/credit cards and net banking) Get yours for a price tag of Rs. 2,499 along with Rs. 199 shipping charges although there are reports that the customers might also be given the option for cash on delivery.

Specifications of the Aakash Tablet:

  • OS: Android 2.2 Froyo
  • 7-inch, resistive touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi, 2 USB ports
  • Processor: 366MHz + HD video co-processor
  • Flash memory: 2GB + 2GB microSD (expandable to 32GB),
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Battery: 2100 mAh
  • Battery life: 3 hours

The tablet packs in a cheap price tag but at such a low cost it offers you connectivity, expandable memory and a coming update to Android 2.3. Sounds worth the money but don't expect it to perform blazing fast like any other tablet.

Would you buy it?

Weekly Roundups: Androids, Auto-Expo Show, Facebook Issues & Symbian Dies

This week saw a wealth of news about Timeline issues, New Cars heading towards the Auto Expo Show, the elegant BMW, Best Android Tablets & the 7,00,000 devices that are born everyday. Let's not forget Symbian's last day, Indian Court's order to Facebook, Google & all new Chat Emoticons for Facebook.
Here are 10 stories we think you need to know about & you might have missed:

1. A Warning To Facebook Timeline Users

2. Best Android Tablet Of 2011 Is...

3. Mahindra to Unveil SsangYong Range, Couple of Electric Vehicles at the 11th Auto Expo

4. 7,00,000 Androids Are Born Everyday

5. R.I.P Symbian, Nokia Belle Takes The Throne!

6. BMW’s All-New 6-Series Gran Coupé Breaks Cover!

7. Google's New Doodle Wishes You Happy Holidays

8. Google, Facebook Ordered By Indian Court To Remove Unacceptable Content

9. Mitsubishi To Launch New Pajero In India Before March End

10. How To Use Your Friends Profile Pic As A Facebook Chat Emoticon

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How To Use Your Friends Profile Pic As A Facebook Chat Emoticon

Crazy it may sound, but that's true. You can now use anyone's profile picture, official Page, or event as a form of emoticon in your Facebook Chat Box. This gets interesting. We tried it in the above image where the first one is MAG CUBE's emoticon and the second BIG CINEMAS. When you hover the mouse over the small emoticon, it pops up the name of the person. You might be wondering how to do this? Well, its simple. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the Profile, Official Page or Events page you wish to use as an emoticon.

2. In the address bar above where we find the URL, simply copy the username like ladygaga from 
or some profiles show numbers at the end like
this one below, then copy the last numbers 1395600633  
3. Now, paste it in the cat box, but before you hit the enter button you need to add brackets at the start and end of the name or number like [[ladygaga]] or [[1395600633]]
4. Hit the enter button, done. Enjoy!

Try it and if you find it cool, then take out 30secs time to share this.


Mitsubishi To Launch New Pajero In India Before March End

The next-generation Pajero is expected to be unveiled in the first quarter of 2012. Mitsubishi had initially planned to launch this all-new SUV at the Auto Expo in January. However, the plans had to be rescheduled due to disruptions caused by unexpected floods in Thailand. Mr. Manoj Jha, Managing Director of Hindustan Motors (HM), which makes and markets Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s range of vehicles here in India, said, “We had decided to launch Pajero as well as new variants from the HM stable at the Auto Expo 2012 in New Delhi. However, some dislocation of operations at Mitsubishi Motors’ Thailand facility due to natural calamity and unexpected events compelled us to alter our plans for participation in the auto show.”

The new Pajero is an entirely different SUV from the current Pajero, which has gotten pretty long in the tooth. For a start, the new model looks a lot more modern and appealing. The insides are equally impressive too; the car is expected to be feature-rich with quality bits and pieces all-round. The large cabin with seating for 7 will offer comfortable as well as flexible configuration that will allow easy loading of luggage as and when required. 

Given the old Pajero’s off-road heritage, the new model promises to be an enthusiast’s delight when it comes to mud-plugging or driving over rough terrain.

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Google, Facebook Ordered By Indian Court To Remove Unacceptable Content

Google Facebook sued
India's acting telecom minister, Kapil Sibal was the victim over Twitter & Facebook when he demanded a need of censorship over the internet in our country. Everyone mocked out at him for messing with their only freedom of expression over the web. 

In response, on 22nd Dec a local court in New Delhi has ordered at least 22 social media websites, including Google, Facebook and Yahoo, to delete "inflammatory" images of religious figures from their network. This statement from civil judge Mukesh Kumar explains: "Contents which are uploaded by some miscreants through these social media sites are highly unacceptable and are inflammatory and derogatory which cannot be accepted by any religion."

This move to censor web content is practically impossible as even Kapil Sibal himself agreed on this while he also said," This is business in progress. We will evolve a consensus and, if the sites still don’t accept it, then we will have to do something about it [as] this kind of content should not be in the public arena."

Earlier this month both Google and Facebook had given out public statements in response to this issue but they agreed upon doing it with their own methods. Google's statement particularly quoted: Even where content is legal but breaks or violates our own terms and conditions we take that down too, once we have been notified about it, but when content is legal and does not violate our policies, we will not remove it just because it is controversial, as we believe that people’s differing views, so long as they are legal, should be respected and protected. 

Both the companies declined to pre-screen or remove content which is legal but controversial. So, should the web be censored in our country? Even if it's controversial, people do have the right to know about it. In our country, speaking in terms of present scenario, the web is the only place where we have the right to express and share our views without any interference from the government. So would you allow them to censor the web for us?

Source: Xinhuanet
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Google's New Doodle Wishes You Happy Holidays

Google Happy Holidays

Holidays have just started and our very own Google is ready with their creative doodle to wish you Happy Holidays. Surely, we loved the 'Let It Snow' search trick in celebration of the Winter season. The Happy Holidays doodle is all brightly lid up with colorful lights resembling the original color tones used in the Google logo and every letter serves up as a symbol of Christmas holidays like gifts, bells, snowman, candles, etc. On clicking the doodle it takes you to obviously images, videos and all happy holidays stuff. Well, we surely loved the doodle. Go visit the Google homepage. Happy Holidays Readers!

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BMW’s All-New 6-Series Gran Coupé Breaks Cover!

BMW first showed off its Gran Coupé Concept; an elegant 4-door Saloon under the skin of a stretched 6-Series Coupé at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. Back then, the Bavarian manufacturer took everyone by surprise with its sporty yet elegant silhouette and a stunning overall design. A couple of years down the line, BMW is now ready with the 2013 6-Series Gran Coupé (pictured here).

Based heavily on the current 6-Series, the Gran Coupé trim adds two extra doors and a proper rear seat besides a big 460-litre boot; all thanks to a stretched wheelbase. Mechanically, this new Saloon shares nearly everything with the 6-Series Coupe and uses a few bits off the 5-Series as well. Thanks to those roots, the Gran Coupé could may well get quite a lot of engine options. The ones that are sure to find its way under the hood are a couple of turbo-charged motors. Powering the 640i will be a 3.0-litre turbo-charged inline 6-cylinder producing around 310Hp and a massive 450nm of Torque. The higher-spec 650i version on the other hand will get a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8. The big muscle block churns out over 440Hp and 650nm of Torque. BMW’s 8-speed ZF Auto ‘Box will be standard on both the 640i and 650i. However, the latter will come with a choice of all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive.

The Gran Coupé will make its debut in January at the Detroit Auto Show or in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Prices have not yet been announced, but expect prices beyond Rs 70Lakh for this fast, super sleek Saloon. As they say, good things never come cheap!

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Super Luxurious and well built Interior Promises quite a lot!
Proper rear seat in the Gran Coupé


R.I.P Symbian, Nokia Belle Takes The Throne!

Yes, you heard it right. Nokia has gone to an extent of renaming their next brand update to simply Nokia Belle and has removed our beloved old Symbian title in order to save their drowning market or let's call it their sinking ship.

This sudden announcement was made at the official Nokia blog as they simply wrote: "The all new Nokia Belle (previously Symbian Belle)..." That's it! Even though it makes sense in renaming it to make it easier but still we will miss this oldest surviving operating system's vintage name. 

Good news is, the Nokia Belle update will arrive by February 2012 to all owners of N8, X7, E7, C6-01 and C7. It will offer six, instead of the current three, homescreens, more customization of widgets, an improved status bar, and a number of other minor improvements. 

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7,00,000 Androids Are Born Everyday

Yes, that's the gigantic number of Android devices which get activated daily as claimed by Andy Rubin (On his Google+ Profile) who is the Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google

Taking a reverse in history, 7months back in May it was 4,00,000, then it jumped up high to 5,00,000 in June and settled down at 5,55,000 in July. In less than 5months, the number of Androids getting activated daily has now reached a humongous 7,00,000 devices!

To prove that these figures are true, Rubin said,"...and for those wondering, we count each device only once (ie, we don't count re-sold devices), and "activations" means you go into a store, buy a device, put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service.
Android has evolved a lot from over the past years. From Cupcake till the Ice Cream Sandwich, it has revolutionized the smartphone experience more and more. No wonder these amounts are staggering and if the company goes on increasing at such speeds, then in no time it will hit the 1million mark. 

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Mahindra to Unveil SsangYong Range, Couple of Electric Vehicles at the 11th Auto Expo

SsangYong Korando

Our very own Auto Giant Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) is all set to show off its newly-acquired Korean brand, SsangYong at the upcoming Auto Expo in New Delhi. The brand will showcase its range of SUVs – The Korando and the XXL-Sized Rexton. Just over a year ago, Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) bought a 70% stake in the ailing Ssangyong Motor Company (SYMC) for $465 Million (that’s about Rs 2,105 Crore).

SsangYong Korando
SsangYong Rexton

The Korando is a modern soft-roader built around a monocoque chassis. Under the hood sits a 2-litre Turbo-Diesel motor putting out around 175bhp and over 35Kgm of Torque via a 6-speed Auto ‘box. Overall, the firepower is good enough for a car of this size. The Rexton, on the other hand, is a typical old-school SUV based on the 1st Gen Mercedes Benz M-Class. It comes with a 2.7-litre five-cylinder turbo-diesel engine with over 160bhp and 34.8kgm of torque via a five-speed Auto ‘box. The big SUV, when launched, will go head-to-head with the Toyota Fortuner and Chevrolet’s Captiva. 

All-new Reva NXR

Mahindra will also showcase the much awaited all-new Reva NXR Electric vehicle; a 3-door hatch with seating for four, the car will be sold in two versions – NXR City and NXR with a price-range of Rs 3.5lakh to Rs 5lakh. Also on display will be the Electric version of Mahindra’s Verito sedan.  

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Best Android Tablet Of 2011 Is...

Best Android Tablet
We have come to the end of 2011, Christmas is here with the holidays and it's time to announce the best of best products that we saw throughout the year. So, I decided to help you out in buying the Best Android Tablet of 2011.

It's been a extravaganza year for the technology industry with every company trying to introduce their own set of Tablets. We saw HP's Web OS - a well designed operating software but now being given up as an open source project. Samsung released an array of different sized tablets, you name it, 10.1, 8.9, 7.0 and also a hybrid called the Note which is 5.3 inches. Other companies who launched tablets where Acer, Reliance, iBall, MSI, lenovo, etc. the list goes on and on. Apple's iPad 2 still remained dominant but this one tablet which competes with it head to head is the one we are going to call the Best Android Tablet of 2011.

Taking not much time, the Best Android Tablet of 2011 is undoubtedly the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Wait, don't go by the resembling & long name Asus has given it, it's the powerful heart inside this tablet which makes it my best choice. 

Asus Eee Pad

Gone are the days to be amazed by a Dual-Core processor, the Prime is the world's first device to carry a Quad-Core processor from NVIDIA called the Tegra 3 ( 5 times faster than any dual-core device). Indeed it is an engineering marvel to fit it in 8.33-inches of metal case making it slimmer than the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1. Combine this power and thin design with a Super IPS + LCD display having a 1200x800 resolution, 8megapixel camera capable of 1080p HD recording, 1GB RAM and a transforming keyboard dock, well you have a winner and a potential laptop replacement for the time being. 

This tablet is thinner, lighter and cheaper then it's competitors. With an internal storage of 32GB and an option to extend it more by a micro sd card, the price tag for all these features is only $500 (Rs.25000). Wait, there's more it is capable of doing. Connect it with slot of mini-HDMI port and you can enjoy your full HD videos on any other electronic device having the same port. Connectivity options are all loaded in with Wi-Fi, 3G & Bluetooth (that's obvious). 

Baked in with Android 3.2.1 that is Honeycomb, the tablet works faster than you can imagine. To make use of the powerful processor & the graphic card, Prime comes with pre-installed games like  Big Top THD, Bladeslinger, Davinci THD, GlowballRiptide GPkShadowGunZen Pinball THD and Zinio. You'll want to be using these games only to show off just how good this thing is at 3D gaming.

The keyboard dock which transforms this device into a look-a-like of a laptop is one of the most useful accessories with this tablet but wait, to use it you have to pay more $150 (Rs.7000) for it. It's worth the penny. Even though you attach the dock, the device still remains lighter and slimmer than any other netbook. One more utility is that the dock acts a charger for the tablet as soon as you connect it. So for the $150 dollars you have an extended battery which will charge up the tablet but the dock itself will be dead by that time. You'll get a full USB 2.0 port and a SD card reader, making it another way to expand the storage. You can use that USB port to plug in an external mouse but the idea sounds lame considering the tablet's a touchscreen. A tiny trackpad with two clickable buttons on the left and right make it a complete package.

You might be wondering that with such powerful stuff it's all tempting but hey, what about the battery life? What's the use of all this if your tablet dies in 3-5 hrs? Here comes an interesting fact, the Prime competes exactly with the iPad 2 offering a battery life of 11hrs! And to run it even longer, just connect in your keyboard dock and voila, you have an extended battery life of 7hrs. Do some math, you got the world's fastest tablet with the capability of running for 18hrs. Tempting, huh?

Asus has promised a Ice Cream Sandwich update. The Eee Pad Transformer Prime is easily the Best Android Tablet to come out this year. At an affordable price with the tag of being called the world's fastest tablet, it surely is a recommended buy. With a stylish design and an added keyboard cum battery extender, it can be called as a potential option for a netbook or a laptop. Go grab it!

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