How To Use Your Friends Profile Pic As A Facebook Chat Emoticon

Crazy it may sound, but that's true. You can now use anyone's profile picture, official Page, or event as a form of emoticon in your Facebook Chat Box. This gets interesting. We tried it in the above image where the first one is MAG CUBE's emoticon and the second BIG CINEMAS. When you hover the mouse over the small emoticon, it pops up the name of the person. You might be wondering how to do this? Well, its simple. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the Profile, Official Page or Events page you wish to use as an emoticon.

2. In the address bar above where we find the URL, simply copy the username like ladygaga from www.facebook.com/ladygaga 
or some profiles show numbers at the end like
this one below, then copy the last numbers 1395600633  
3. Now, paste it in the cat box, but before you hit the enter button you need to add brackets at the start and end of the name or number like [[ladygaga]] or [[1395600633]]
4. Hit the enter button, done. Enjoy!

Try it and if you find it cool, then take out 30secs time to share this.