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5 Best Affordable Android's you can buy!

We all love Smartphone's but when it comes to buying one, the price tag stops us from having them. In the 5 Godly Smartphone's I had listed previously all had a price range of Rs.30,000. Some can't afford it while some hesitate spending so much on a phone. Well, the advantage of Android Smartphone's is that you can buy one from the price range of Rs.8000 to Rs.35000. Low priced Android allows the common man to enjoy the fun of using a Smartphone without burning his pocket. But again there are many entry level low priced phones form numerous companies to buy. So, here's a list of 5 Best Affordable Android's that you can buy.

1. Samsung Galaxy Ace
Rating: 4/5
Indian Price: Rs.14,000
The Good: 5 megapixel snapper with LED Flash, Samsung Apps brings a few nice apps for free, Built in Document editor.
The Bad: Video recording @ 15fps is below par, No Flash support for Web Browsers.

2. Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro
Rating: 4/5
Indian price: Rs.15,000
The Good: 720p HD Video recording, Android 2.3 latest, 1Ghz processor at such low price, Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine, Super smooth designed Timescape UI
The Bad: It's small 3 inch screen is only the bad point which led this phone to be ranked 2nd on my list.

3. HTC Wildfire S
Rating: 3.5/5
Indian Price: 13,000
The Good: XviD Video support, Ultra-fast boot time, Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense 2.1 UI.
The Bad: Poor Camera, No Document Viewer, 3.2 inch screen.

4. Motorola FIRE XT
Rating: 3/5
Indian Price: 13,000
The Good: Flash included for the browser, Good Camera & Video Recording, Android v2.3.4 (Gingerbread)
The Bad: Moto Switch UI not good,  You cannot update your Android for a newer version as Motorola doesn't send updates in India.

5. Samsung Galaxy Fit
Rating: 3/5
Indian Price: 10,500
The Good: 5 megapixel snapper, Document/Image Viewer/Editor, Good Build Quality
The Bad: Poor Video Recording @ 15fps, No Flash for browsers, No video call camera.

There are many other options but these 5 stand out from others in there own manner. Low level Smartphone's are good for daily use but it won't give you the WOW factor a higher level Smartphone would give. If our pockets are loaded then you can buy the Best of all Smartphone's.


Android App of the day: CamScanner

Tired of writing long articles from a piece of paper in your buggy mobile's touchscreen keyboard? Tired of clicking pictures of important answers and later finding in your exam hall that you can't recognize the letters? (Just Kidding) Well worry not, now you can download this amazing app called 'CamScanner' which will scan images in a second for you, recognize the text in the picture and give a output as a PDF file. I's one of the best utility apps on Android. 

You can scan 

  • Receipt, Bill, Tax Roll
  • Business Card, Membership Card, VIP card
  • Agreement, PPT and Whiteboard
  • Note, Memo, Script, Letter
  • Books, Magazines, Newspaper, Poster, Coupons
  • Courier Sheet, Resumes, Your textbook
It allows you to scan a batch of pages back to back and then within a few seconds convert it into PDF file for you. Even if you click a image from a magazine with a bad camera angle, it will automatically crop it and re-size it. 

Still think i'm joking? Check out this video below. Let me know what you think about this app.

Android Market Rating: 4.5/5

The App requires your phone to be updated to Android 2.0 or above it.
Searching for best Smartphone to play this game? Get the list of Best Smartphone's here.
Feel free to ask fro any advice. Share it with your friends so that even they can get a had on this game.



How to speed up your PC's boot time in 30seconds

We all hate it to wait impatiently for our PC to start up. Isn't that frustrating? Windows desktops take more than 2-3mins sometimes to start up. Well worry not, now you can speed up this boot time. Follow the instructions I have mentioned in this video tutorial to increase your Windows start up speed.

Feel free to ask for any more help. Make sure you allow your Anti-Virus to start up. Share it so that even your friends can try.
Does it take you a lot of time to operate your PC? if so, visit Most Useful Windows 7 Shortcuts.



Android App of the Day: Stupid Zombies

Don't go by the name. This game is considered to be one of the Best free Android games. Stupid Zombies are back, and you are humanity's last hope to keep them brainless. But beware, ammo is limited so you will have to get crafty and use the straight bullets, grenades, split- and buckshots in the most effective way possible to survive the 480 levels.

One man, one shotgun and lots of stupid zombies to kill. the first few levels feel like a child's play but then it gets tricky. Its a simple yet very addictive game.

Android Market rating: 4.4/5
The App requires your phone to be updated to Android 2.1 or above it.
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Feel free to ask fro any advice. Share it with your friends so that even they can get a had on this game. 


BREAKING NEWS: It's Official now! iPhone 5 coming on 4th October (Update)

Follow up HERE to watch the Live coverage of iPhone 5 announcement. 

Finally, the wait of every Geek & Apple fan living out there is over. All those who read my previous post that the iPhone 5 is coming on the 4th October and also that there are going to be Multiple iPhone's releasing can now sigh a relief. It's confirmed now by Apple that there is going to be a announcement held on 4th October at there Cupertino Campus. The invites have started, the Media has been informed and everyone's having their eyes set on this date.

What's more interesting is that the guys at Apple have just released a picture in their invites saying Let's talk iPhone. Now that's a cunning way to still hide about what exactly is going to be shown at this Mega event. This gets more exciting when you notice in the picture that shows a calendar icon indicating that it's on the 4th and the clock shows that it's going to be at 10. Apple's advertising style has always been unique.

Set reminders in your cellphones, cancel all your plans, get glued to your chair and let your eyes be ready to be amazed on the 4th of October as I would be blogging live announcing the new iPhone 5. Share this news people. Stay tuned.

iPhone 4 ranks second on my list of 5 godly smartphone's everyone would want to have. Check out other best smartphone's.



Android App of the Day: Lane Splitter

Starting from today get ready to download a new Android App daily. You will get daily updates in this category about the Best Android App you cant get for Free. Stay tuned.

Today's Android App of the day is Lane Splitter. It's a cool yet very addictive arcade style game.Your task is to survive from crashing on into any vehicle. Tilt your phone to the left and right without crashing. This is the original iOS game now available for Android. When you start playing, the 1st 2-3mins feel very easy but then it gets really hard to survive from a crash. As you go on, the speed of your bike goes on increasing. The game works smoothly and has good 3D graphic environments.

1. Global leader boards.
2. Facebook integration: compete with your friends for top score and post brags to your wall.
3. Awesome realistic sound effects recorded from a real sport bike.

4. Very Addictive.
5. Cops! Watch out for these bad boys and don't get busted.
6. Tap and hold the screen to do wheelies (the longer you hold it, the more bonus points you get for each car passed).

Android Market rating: 4.4/5
The App requires your phone to be updated to Android 2.1 or above it. All Android mobiles & Tablet can use it. 
Searching for best Smartphone to play this game? Get the list of Best Smartphone's here.
Feel free to ask fro any advice. Share it with your friends so that even they can get a had on this game. 



Get the 'New Tab page' for Google Chrome

Google Inc has released New cool features for Chrome Browser. The new features include splitting up the page into 3 sections- Most visited, Apps, Bookmarks.

Click to Enlarge

1. You can change your section simply by clicking over the name of whichever page you want to go.
2. Another way of doing that is by moving over your mouse to either on the left or right side of the page where you get a small arrows to do. This works very smoothly.

Click to Enlarge
3. One new feature that stands out a part is that now you can click and drag icons from any of the 3 pages to bottom bar and create a new custom page where you can add up your favorite websites, bookmarks & apps. You can also rename this page. If you want to remove an item you can drag it to the bottom right where a Remove from Chrome icon appears. 

How to get this?
1. Google this - 'Google Chrome Beta'.
2. Visit the 1st link in your search results.
3. Click on Get Google Chrome (BETA)
4. This will take you to the next page. Select Accept and Install.
5. The installation will get over in 3-5mins.
6. Close your Chrome browser and Open it again. Done.

Visit other such Downloads and Tutorials.
If you face any new problems, feel free to ask. Share this so that even your friends can get the new feature.


Apple set to launch Multiple iPhones on 4th October?

In my recent post, I mentioned that Apple iPhone is coming on 4th October. Now, the buzz is that not only one iPhone but Apple is set to launch different iPhones on that day. If rumors are to be believed there is going to be a cheaper iPhone called iPhone 4S and the higher version will be called iPhone 5.

Read on further about the news at GSMARENA'S BLOG.

How to get the new Facebook Timeline in 10 steps

In my previous post of Facebook is getting a new look again! I had mentioned that Mark Zuckerburg introduced a new feature named 'Timeline'. Well later today I found a way to get it before it's official release. It's really very good, well designed and works smoothly. One can view every photo, every status update, in short everything you ever did on Facebook in one single page called Timeline from where you can also select the date or month to view what you had done at that point of time.

Follow these steps carefully to get the Timeline:
1. Log on to Facebook

2. Go to the developers page by adding '/developers' in your address bar.

3. Now you will have to Allow the app for it to access your account.

4. Next, click on the Create new app icon on the top-right side of your page.

5. Give it some random name. Don't worry even if you name it 'ababbaba' in both the lines, it won't matter. Make it Random. 

6. Don't forget to tick the I agree to the platform policy box and then click on Continue.

7. Then a security window pops up, asking you to type in the letters you see. Enter them.

8. You will be taken to a new page. Select 'Open Graph' on the upper left had side of the page.

9. Now fill the boxes with two verbs. I used 'watch' & 'movie'. You can use the same. No worries. After this click on 'Get Started'.

10. In the address bar again now visit In 2-3 secs, you will receive notification at the top asking you to try Timeline. Click on 'Get it Now'.

This is how my profile look with the Timeline
That's it. Now your good to go. I'll prefer you guys take a tour to understand. I personally loved it. 

How does your account look? You liked it?

Note: You cannot undo this new look but don't worry Facebook has announced that this new look will become public from 30th Sept. Only users using the Timeline can view your account's Timeline for now.

If you face any new problems, feel free to ask. Share this so that even your friends can get the new feature.



Facebook is going to get a new look! Yes Again!

Yes you heard it right so don't be shocked if you sign in one morning and discover that your account's got a completely new look. On 22nd September at f8, Facebook's annual developers conference held in San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg announced all the new features that are soon going to get added up to our profiles. It's going to be a total revamp. A new Facebook.

The guy needs to know that we still are trying to understand the new features he just added. Yet, whose going to stop him from doing this? Even though the new changes would come I don't think people are going to stop using Facebook. Are you? You can get rid of the new ticker on the right side of your post. Read this. to do so.

Here's a list of the new features:

1. Timeline: When Mark Zuckerberg announced this he said,"Millions of people curate stories of their lives on Facebook every day and have no way to share them once they fall off your profile page. We have been working on ‘timeline’ all year. It’s the story of your life and completely new way to express yourself. It has three pieces: all your stories, your apps and a new way to express who you are.”
Now this is something cool. One can view every photo, every status update, in short everything you ever did on Facebook in one single page called Timeline from where you can also select the date or month to view what you had done at that point of time.

2. Open Graph Media Apps: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that where you would normally "like" something your friend is watching or listening to, you can now just turn on the same stream and begin watching or listening to the song or video yourself.

Now you can see what your friend is listening, watching, eating, reading, playing and every other thing we can do. What's unique is that even you can exactly to do the same. This video below will give you a clear idea about what i'm talking.

3. Other small features:

  • A private activity log to help you filter what you've done that you want to promote and what you want to hide.
  • A huge new "cover" photo to help you express yourself at the top of your timeline.
  • The ability to fill in your timeline, adding stories, photos and more to specific parts of your past.

Your new profile Page will look like this

Facebook really proved that they rule the Social Networking world by announcing these features just after Google+ went live. Seriously, Google will have to innovate to even survive. Facebook is becoming successful at their aim to share everything a person can with the world. To socialize the world. To connect everything.

Within a few weeks, we all will be able to see the new Facebook. Stay tuned.



Apple iPhone 5 coming on 4th October!

Follow up HERE to watch the Live coverage of iPhone 5 announcement. 

The tech world goes all mad when Steve Jobs comes up on the stage every year to announce the next best thing. Well, the sad news as we all know is that Steve Jobs has resigned from the CEO post at Apple. A lot of stories have been since then revolving about Apple's end and blah blah blah.

But keeping theses stories aside its being said that the new CEO of Apple-Tim Cook is all set to announce the most anticipated and highly awaited iPhone 5 on the
4th of October. If it gets a launch on the day, then iPhone 5 will be available from 15th October. 

The new reports from The Wall Street Journal’s tech blog AllThingsD cites: “sources close to the situation” in stating Apple will finally make the long awaited iPhone 5 official in just under two weeks time. 

Tim Cook will be joined on stage by Phillip W. Schiller (Senior VP, Worldwide Product Marketing), Scott Forstall (Senior VP, iOS Software) and Eddy Cue (newly appointed Senior VP of Internet Software and Services). But let's keep in mind that these all our rumors and nothing is yet officials.

Everyone is expecting the launch of a new iPhone, a revamped iPod & an updated Apple HDTV. Rumors also suggest that the new iPhone 5 will be having a Dual-Core Processor with a 8megapixel snapper capable of shooting full HD videos. 

Apple lovers as well as its haters all waiting impatiently for its release. I'm waiting. Are you? Apple iPhone 4 ranks 2nd on my list of 5 Godly Smartphone's everyone would love to have.

Are you a iPhone lover or Android lover? Stay tuned to know more about which one is better.



How to get rid of the New Facebook look

In my previous post off Google+ going live I had mentioned that even Facebook today had launched some new features.

All of you who logged on to Facebook today must have come across the new look of it. The News ticker on the right hand side is practically of no use. This ticker needlessly busies the News Feed page. It's a Facebook news feed inside a Facebook news feed.

Thankfully, there is a quick and easy way in Google Chrome to get rid of the ticker.

Simply visit, Google Chrome's Webstore and search for Hide Facebook SideBar Ticker

You should get this after search 

Install this extension and your good to go. Login to your Facebook account and see the magic. The ticker is gone.



5 Godly Smartphone’s everyone would want to have!

We all love Smartphone's but to be frank Apple's iPhone is the one we all think about when it comes to being the Best Smartphone. Well, let me warn you my friend there are other better Smartphone's that will blow your mind off. From Samsung to LG, everyone's having a piece of share in this list of 5 Godly Smartphone's everyone would want to have. And when I use the word Godly, It really implies that they are something extraordinary.

     Samsung Galaxy S2
Rating: 5/5
About: Combining a top notch Super AMOLED Plus display with the best of connectivity and the prowess of a 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor, to add up a 8Megapixel snapper with Full HD recording built in just a body of 9.9mm of thickness, this beast is the GOD of all phones without any doubt.
The Good: Exceptionally awesome AMOLED display (the best), Dual Core Processor, Android 2.3, Superb Video Recording quality.
The Bad: Practically None. Just a disappointing plastic build at the rear.

Apple iPhone4
Rating: 4/5
About: The name is self-explanatory. No comments. Love it or Hate it, it’s Apple.
The Good: Well built iOS 4, 720p HD recording, BOLD looks, The ‘Apple’ Tag.
The Bad: Antenna issue, Not all apps support multi-tasking, No flash and many more.

Motorola Atrix
Rating: 4/5
About: Is this a laptop or PC or a Media Hub? Oh! Wait, it’s just a Smartphone. My confusion will clear all your doubts when you watch the video below. This beast is a true all rounder in terms of portability experience when combined with the docks..
The Good: Powerful Dual-Core Processor, All the docks, Finger print scanner.
The Bad: Expensive docks, Bad Camera quality.

HTC Sensation
Rating: 4/5
About: HTC’s first dual core Smartphone that delivers a true Android experience combined with HTC’s Sense 3.0 UI experience.
The Good: Gorgeous looks. HTC Sense. 4.3inch qHD Display. Fastest boot time.
The Bad: Display blacks out in outdoor sunlight, Performance not as smooth as other dual-core phones.

LG Optimus 3D
Rating: 3.5/5
About: Wouldn’t it be exciting to have a phone that could shoot in 3D & give you a 3D experience? Well, it surely is ground breaking what LG has done. Combining a Dual Core processor with 3D recording & 3D display, this phone is one attractive beast.
The Good: Good display, 3D fun, Fast.
The Bad: Very limited 3D apps and 3D content. 3D not quite impressive just a gimmick. Bad battery life.

This is my list of 5 Best Smartphone's. What is your list? Any additions to this list? Feel free to comment or ask for advice's.


Google+ goes live

Finally, Google yesterday announced that it's Google+ social network is live and needs no invitation to log in. It's now open to everyone. 
Google Inc and Facebook together released
out a variety of new social networking features in back-to-back announcements heating up the competition more. 
Google added its flagship search feature into its 3-month old social network while Facebook on the other hand released a new "ticker" on its users' home pages, providing real-time notifications of what friends are doing on the service. Facebook also revamped the service's main news feed to flag important items. Facebook also changed the way photos are displayed on the site, increasing the size of pictures that appear in a users' news feed.
What's more interesting is that Google's infant social network, shows Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a member of its services. Some are waiting to see if it can maintain the rapid momentum of its first months.
I feel Google has still a lot to work on before it becomes as famous as Facebook. Facebook is much more superior and is well established. Google+ is new, people may log in to try it but Google has to do something groundbreaking here to attract more users and keep them attached.