How to get the new Facebook Timeline in 10 steps

In my previous post of Facebook is getting a new look again! I had mentioned that Mark Zuckerburg introduced a new feature named 'Timeline'. Well later today I found a way to get it before it's official release. It's really very good, well designed and works smoothly. One can view every photo, every status update, in short everything you ever did on Facebook in one single page called Timeline from where you can also select the date or month to view what you had done at that point of time.

Follow these steps carefully to get the Timeline:
1. Log on to Facebook

2. Go to the developers page by adding '/developers' in your address bar.

3. Now you will have to Allow the app for it to access your account.

4. Next, click on the Create new app icon on the top-right side of your page.

5. Give it some random name. Don't worry even if you name it 'ababbaba' in both the lines, it won't matter. Make it Random. 

6. Don't forget to tick the I agree to the platform policy box and then click on Continue.

7. Then a security window pops up, asking you to type in the letters you see. Enter them.

8. You will be taken to a new page. Select 'Open Graph' on the upper left had side of the page.

9. Now fill the boxes with two verbs. I used 'watch' & 'movie'. You can use the same. No worries. After this click on 'Get Started'.

10. In the address bar again now visit www.facebook.com. In 2-3 secs, you will receive notification at the top asking you to try Timeline. Click on 'Get it Now'.

This is how my profile look with the Timeline
That's it. Now your good to go. I'll prefer you guys take a tour to understand. I personally loved it. 

How does your account look? You liked it?

Note: You cannot undo this new look but don't worry Facebook has announced that this new look will become public from 30th Sept. Only users using the Timeline can view your account's Timeline for now.

If you face any new problems, feel free to ask. Share this so that even your friends can get the new feature.