Google+ goes live

Finally, Google yesterday announced that it's Google+ social network is live and needs no invitation to log in. It's now open to everyone. 
Google Inc and Facebook together released
out a variety of new social networking features in back-to-back announcements heating up the competition more. 
Google added its flagship search feature into its 3-month old social network while Facebook on the other hand released a new "ticker" on its users' home pages, providing real-time notifications of what friends are doing on the service. Facebook also revamped the service's main news feed to flag important items. Facebook also changed the way photos are displayed on the site, increasing the size of pictures that appear in a users' news feed.
What's more interesting is that Google's infant social network, shows Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a member of its services. Some are waiting to see if it can maintain the rapid momentum of its first months.
I feel Google has still a lot to work on before it becomes as famous as Facebook. Facebook is much more superior and is well established. Google+ is new, people may log in to try it but Google has to do something groundbreaking here to attract more users and keep them attached.