R.I.P Symbian, Nokia Belle Takes The Throne!

Yes, you heard it right. Nokia has gone to an extent of renaming their next brand update to simply Nokia Belle and has removed our beloved old Symbian title in order to save their drowning market or let's call it their sinking ship.

This sudden announcement was made at the official Nokia blog as they simply wrote: "The all new Nokia Belle (previously Symbian Belle)..." That's it! Even though it makes sense in renaming it to make it easier but still we will miss this oldest surviving operating system's vintage name. 

Good news is, the Nokia Belle update will arrive by February 2012 to all owners of N8, X7, E7, C6-01 and C7. It will offer six, instead of the current three, homescreens, more customization of widgets, an improved status bar, and a number of other minor improvements. 

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