Nokia Lumia 800 launched: The First real Windows Phone

The Nokia Lumia 800 is the first Nokia mobile running the Windows Phone operating system rather than Nokia's own Symbian. Will Nokia survive after this is the real question to ask here considering there profits facing a downfall!

A 3.7inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen and the same polycarbonate shell that's found on the N9 the Lumia 800 is operating by a huge 1.4GHz processor and comes with 16GB of internal memory and 25GB of cloud storage free via SkyDrive. The back is occupied by a 8MP Carl Zeiss lens with 720p HD-recording at 30fps, while on the side the same volume and camera shutter keys you'd expect on a Windows Phone 7 handset. It has a easy to use UI.

Nokia also announced a Nokia Music App (Spotify supported) and finally the much awaited ESPN spots app which Nokia claims to be the best app for sports news for a Windows Phone. 

This is fresh new start for Nokia. All in all it's a good windows phone offering a good camera, decent performance and a tasty helping of Windows Phone Mango. But the real question is who would buy a windows phone considering the limited choice of apps in its market? The phone will certainly not be cheap. There's still a long way for windows phones to become as powerful as Android and Apple.

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