Samsung Google Nexus event LIVE

And that's it. Thank you for joining us.

It's available for Developers right now at android.com

You can use it to share contact information, webpages or any other thing. Just touch the two and bam! here you have it on your phone. It can also be Market App you want to share.

A brand new way of sharing. ANDROID BEAM.

Oh wait there's also a new Phone App. Swipe to the left for your favorites and swipe more for your Visual Voicemail. All, right into the top of your dial. Neat.

Divided into three icons, you can swipe to the side to get photo grid of your contacts. 

Welcome an all new People App.

All the Camera features. Woahh! wait did I just read Time Lapse? 

A new Gallery layout with sorting by album, geo-tagging and by person. Looks clean and nice.

Photo editing is built in with a new feature name hypster filters for different color effects.
Android claims it's camera has zero-shutter lag, even faster than the iPhone 4S

There's a digital zoom slider, you can tap anywhere to set focus and exposure.
Ample variety of sharing to other websites is available.

Time for the new Camera App. From the homescreen you scroll to the left and it immediately brings up the camera app.

Now you can view your Data Usage right from your settings.

Yeah the Calendar is also getting a new look. 

A new Gmail with a two line preview, new icons, new font.

A new option called Request Desktop Site is loaded in, enabling you to watch how a full site looks. Also, browser sync your desktop Chrome bookmarks.

Hugo barra is up on stage to talk about the new Browser UI

The new keyboard layout will have improved correction and inline spell checker. Also now with better Cut,Copy,Paste functionality.

You can also see the notifications right from your lock screen.
The notification bar will slide down the same way from top but now to you simply drag out a notification to the right to remove it.

Capturing a Screen Shot is built in. You can hold down the power and volume button to do that. 

A recent app icon just like the one in Honeycomb.

Introducing Folders which aren't just simple but with ability to even add a contact in it.

New Widgets for the Homescreen.

New Roboto font with more animations including the lock screen just like in Honeycomb. The no button experience with only 3 important of them. 

"Meet Robato. It's a totally new typeface for Android -- modern yet approachable. It was built from scratch for high-definition paper density displays." 

All the four lovely Android versions with Ice Cream Sandwich released today

Martias Duarte is on stage. Now time to talk about what's new in Ice Cream Sandwich.

As expected, the 1.2Ghz processor will be able to shoot FULL HD Videos.

Now that's awesome. A button less experience with a Hidden LED for notifications.

The back is called "hyperskin" -- a soft grip texture. It looks like the backing on the T-Mo GS II.

A Contour Display just like the one in old Nexus 

The phone is as slim as 8.94mm with a curved design

A 1280x720 Resolution HD Super AMOLED Display. (WOW)
Source : Engadget

The rumors where true. It's a whopping 4.65 inch Screen.
Source : Engadget

Now he's talking about the Display.
Source : Engadget

The phone will be featuring LTE and HSPA+ meaning no need to wait for buffering. That's 4G.
Source : Engadget
Andy Rubin and JK Shin reveal the Galaxy Nexus
Source : Engadget