Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich: Classy, Simply Smart

With every update Google has offered for Android, it has contributed towards making Android a better OS. But this one can't be just tagged as a regular update as it radically changes Android from it's core design. The OS got it's first companion in the Google Nexus phone launched today in Hong Kong.

Ice Cream Sandwich combines Honeycomb and Gingerbread into one unique OS. This means that all Apps that developers will design would be compatible with both Android Tablets and Smartphone's. The new font Roboto, new UI, new animations, new apps all combine together and make this Android Update the best till date. Now one can call it a "Classy OS" or in other words a sophisticated OS. The new OS makes the user experience richer, smoother and faster. 

New Features: 

·         Made for both Smartphone and Tablet use

·         New user interface, with updated animations, transition effects, multi-touch gestures and live wallpapers

·         Smoother multitasking

·         Intuitive Homescreen folders and favorites tray

·         Real cool lock screen with facial unlock

·         Improved Notification menu

·         Resizable widgets, viewable through the application menu

·         Built-in screenshot capture

·         Smart text input and spell-checking

·         Improved voice input

·         Data Usage center

·         New Peoples app

·         Improved Gmail and Calendar app

·         New Web browser with ability to save web pages, incognito mode and Request Desktop Site option.

·         Visual Voice-mail

·         Well designed camera app with face detection and panorama mode

·         Video recorder with continuous auto-focus, zooming while recording, snapshot while recording and time lapse mode

·         New Gallery app with photo editor

·         Android Beam for transferring data using NFC

·         Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth HDP support

Official Commercial: 

What do you think now? Is it worth an upgrade? Does it prove to be better than iPhone 4S?