Say hello to the new iPhone 4S

Apple just announced it's all new iPhone 4S with a better A5 Dual Core processor. 7X faster and higher graphics packed in. The engineers at Apple have also made a new Wireless technology which will ensure faster internet browsing and better call qualities. The technology intelligently switches between two antennas to transmit and receive signals. 

It will be a World Phone meaning capable of both GSM + CDMA networks which is beneficial to the customers. 

iPhone 4S will be having a Full HD 1080p 8MP camera sensor with backlight illumination technology for better photos. Video recording stabilization and noise reduction features are bundled in. 

The biggest feature to be announced is "Siri". Practically, a voice recognizing app who will identify whatever you ask like, weather, reply to a text, set a reminder, ask the time, find a definition, call a person, etc. It will be like talking to a person. It will work in languages like English (US,UK and Australia), French and German.

The 4S will be available in both white and black colors. The price details are out. iPhone 4S 16GB- 199$, 32GB-299$ AND 64GB-399$. Pre-orders will begin from 14th October in major countries like US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Japan. It will be available in 22 other countries by 28th October and other countries by the end of this year. Hope India will be a part of it.

The LIVE event was ended by Tim Cook as he said,"Sorry folks, no iPhone 5... yet.."
Looks like we will have to wait more for the iPhone 5 or may be it was just a rumor.

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