Samsung Galaxy Note - Smartphone or a Tablet?

For now, we are clueless as to what should we call the New Samsung Galaxy Note announced at IFA 2011. A smartphone? a Tablet? Samsung claims it to be a new category of device. Let's just call it a Hybrid

Behold as I tell you the features this Beast carries. A massive 5.3-inch screen ( that's why I call this device a hybrid of a Smartphone and a Tablet) followed by the prowess of a 1.4Ghz Dual Core Processor under the hood making it the fastest processor in a mobile device yet. The Note has the WOW factor of the Super AMOLED screen used in Galaxy S 2 but this time with a higher resolution of 1280x800 pixels making it better than S 2. It's a HD SuperAMOLED Screen. Let's talk about the capturing capabilities, 8MP Camera at the back capable of shooting Full 1080p HD videos with a LED Flash and in the front a 2MP camera for video chatting. Connectivity is all covered in- Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and a micro USB connector. 

Considering these gigantic features, a 2500 mAh battery with a 5.3 inch screen the Note weighs only 178g and is as thick as 9.7mm. Hats-off to the engineers at Samsung. The Note runs on Android Gingerbread with the slicing of Samsung TouchWiz UI. 

The features are all borrowed form the Galaxy S 2 and the size falls between the S 2 and the new Galaxy TAB Plus. But what makes it stand out from other devices is the touch-optimized interface build to use the "S Pen". Yes, it's a stylus named as S pen. Samsung claims that the new stylus will replace the customers need of carrying around note paper and pens to jot down their ideas. 

The S Pen is pressure sensitive and the Note comes in with built in apps like S Planner, a native calendar and to-do list app, from which you can drag and drop appointments, changing time slots without having to open an entry. S Memo for note-taking, meanwhile, accepts voice, photo, text and handwritten input, Virtual Whiteboard, a more collaborative form of note-taking. 

All-in-all, Samsung's Galaxy Note is a solution for someone who wants a Smartphone but also needs the screen size of a Tablet for a better multimedia experience. The Hybrid does it all.
Prices and release dates are yet to revealed.