10 Easy Steps to get your Facebook Contacts in Google Plus

Isn't it a pain to find all your same friends in Google Plus who are right now in your Facebook's friend list and add them one by one all over again. It can be one tough task as people now have more then 500 friends on Facebook. Worry not, this simple trick will help you transfer all your contacts from Facebook to Google Plus in minutes. 

10 East Steps:

1. Log into to your Yahoo! Mail.
2. Go to the Contacts Tab and Select Import contacts.
3. Select the Facebook icon and Log in.
4. Click on Okay and within 30seconds all your contacts will be transferred to Yahoo.
5. Log into your Google Plus account.
6. Click on the Circles Icon.

7. Head over to the Find People Tab.

8. Click on the Yahoo icon over there.
9. Select Agree in the pop-up window.
10. All your Yahoo Contacts which now had Facebook contacts will get transferred in a click to your Google Plus Account. Add them to your circles accordingly.

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