Samsung confirms Nexus Prime launch event on 19th October. Finally!

Samsung had previously released a teaser video claiming that Something BIG is coming at their conference on 11th October in San Diego. But due to unknown reasons the event got postponed. We even got the chance to view a leaked video of the phone before its official launch.

The phone is said to be having Google's latest Android version- Ice Cream Sandwich with onscreen buttons as rumored earlier. No physical buttons here! The Prime will be powered with a 1750 mAh battery, 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Exynos Processor (WOW) but the down side is that it's still not confirmed whether it will have a 8MP or a 5MP camera. We hope it would be a 8MP with Full HD recording. Just like the new iPhone 4S will support both GSM & CDMA, the Prime is rumored to also to do the same.

Finally, after all the specs and video leaks the phone is coming on the 19th confirms Samsung. Let us see how the Sandwich will taste made. A Samsung event, a new Android phone and our blog who would be updating LIVE about the launch, can't wait. 

Stay tuned on 19th to get it LIVE just like you got updates about the iPhone 4S.