Samsung Nexus Prime Video leaked before the launch on 11th October (Updated)

Looks like the Something BIG Samsung was going to introduce is already out. The much hyped Nexus Prime to be launched on 11th October is already getting bunch of leaked photos and videos. The specs sheet is already out but now the new video published by Romania's Mobilissimo.ro. on YouTube confirms that all those specs are for Real.

Talking about the leaked specs, the Prime is seriously powered by the best features I can think of. Borrowing form Samsung's Note, the screen is 4.65 inch huge with the amazing HD Super AMOLED display. Samsung being the hardware manufacture, it was sure that this would be a part of the Nexus Prime.

In the video, it clears that the phone is having Google's latest Android version- Ice Cream Sandwich  with onscreen buttons as rumored earlier. No physical buttons here! The Prime will be powered with a 1750 mAh battery, 1.5 Ghz Dual Core Exynos Processor (WOW) but the down side is that it's still not confirmed whether it will have a 8MP or a 5MP camera. We hope it would be a 8MP with Full HD recording.

The video seems very real and close to what can be the real Samsung Nexus Prime. Four more days left for the launch event. We will have to wait till then to find out whether this was real or not. Just like the new iPhone 4S will support both GSM & CDMA, the Prime is rumored to also to do the same.

Update: There's been a news out that the event has been postponed by Samsung and Google. Why would the companies do so after the phone is recieving so much hype is still a doubt.