Nokia adds real-time traffic updates on 'Maps' and 'Drive' app for Mumbai and Delhi users

Now there's one more reason to buy a Symbian or a Lumia device. Well, at least for people living in India's metro cities - Mumbai and Delhi. That said, the one reason is - Nokia is now offering real-time traffic updates for users of these two cities on both of their location apps namely Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive. This service is powered by Navteq Traffic Pro and promises to give you a faster ride by avoiding traffic. It can be called a smart move by Nokia, rather a beneficial move for their users as these two cities really have a big traffic problem. 

Rajat Tandon, Director Sales, Nokia, Location & Commerce said,The launch of this traffic feature on Nokia smartphones reflects the ever-growing consumer appetite for more interactive location based services beyond traditional turn-by-turn navigation. Going forward we will continue to introduce more location-aware services that represent the future of mobility for consumers in India”.

People can use it to avoid wastage of time or change their route if they come to know a traffic filled road is up ahead on their route. But it all depends on how well the service will work when tested in real-time. This service is available for Symbian phones on Nokia Drive and Nokia Lumia devices on Nokia Maps.