Samsung Galaxy S III specs leaked!

The Galaxy S line up phones right from their start have been loved and sold in millions. This year in February we were greeted with the Samsung Galaxy S II which had some jaw-dropping features, easily making it the Best Smartphone of 2011.

Well, if you think that the S II has set a benchmark, you will be proved wrong when I reveal the specs list of the new Galaxy S III. To start with, it will be powered by a staggering 1.8Ghz Dual Core Exynos Processor. That's as fast as my Intel Dual Core desktop PC (Phew!) Combined with such a fast processor there will be 2GBs of RAM. Isn't that the standard RAM for running a PC? The 4.6 inch HD Super AMOLED display which has been also rumored to be on the Nexus Prime will be seen in the S III. Adding to all this, a whopping 12 Megapixel camera with the CMOS image sensor and obviously the capability of shooting 1080p videos will be packed in. There's no doubt that it would be running on the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich version with NFC support for Google Wallet App. 
These leaked specs have surely accomplished their goal to make us wait impatiently for the official launch which is expected somewhere in the month of Feb, 2012. If the S III gets released with the same specs list, then I believe the iPhone 4S will be struggling hard to survive in the growing Smartphone's market which currently Android rules.