Best Smartphones Of 2011

Best Smartphones 2011

2011 has come to an end with loads of powerful smartphones and it's time to award the one's that stood out from the rest. Undoubtedly, these devices have become more smarter, 2X faster and now with snappers as good as a replacement for digital cameras. The image we designed above makes it clear who made it to the final top 5 list:
  • Apple iPhone 4S
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Motorola Droid Razr
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • HTC Sensation XE
Although it's quite hard to decide whose the best but we will compare them to decide who stands out. Let the battle begin!

Apple iPhone 4S

Apple used the same strategy for the iPhone 4S when they had released the 3GS, an upgrade to the old 3G. The result to this strategy is the best iPhone yet as the company claims it to be & we agree to that. Although it has the same old 3.5inch screen and exterior borrowed from the iPhone 4, what really got upgraded in the 4S is the dual core processor (A5) taken out from the iPad 2, an improved 8MP camera with a new lens and the most-talked about thing dubbed as smart virtual assistant -Siri. But, does this upgrade make it the Best Smartphone at a cost of Rs.44,000 in India? Let's discuss that in the end verdict.

Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy Nexus
Last year we were greeted with the Google Nexus S who first brought Gingerbread to the world and now the Galaxy Nexus who can be called a 'game-changer' for the Android OS. Again manufactured by Samsung, this device carrying the tasty Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) took Android to the next level. Combined with a gorgeous Super AMOLED display, 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor at it's core, this smartphone just got smarter thanks to the all new ICS update which at present is only available in the Nexus making it an advantage over other competitors. But, is it enough to call it the Best Smartphone? Let's discuss that in the end verdict.

Motorola Droid Razr

Motorola Droid Razr
With a attractive designed body made up of diamond-cut aluminium dedicated in making it the slimmest smartphone (7.1mm), has made this Motorola offering a true contender in the market and it does justify of holding the classic prestigious "Razr" brand tag. Every ingredient to make it a top-notch device including a 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor, the stunning Super AMOLED display and a 8MP snapper with Full HD recording is all available. Apart from issues with battery life, if this Droid gets the ICS update, then without second thoughts it will be a perfectly packaged smartphone out there. 

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy SII
Galaxy S II and it's predecessor Galaxy S, both stood out from the rest for being called one of the Best Smartphones but for S II all things started changing much after the end of this year. With the S II, we got to see the visual delicacy of the first ever Super AMOLED Plus display. Also, it use to own the throne of having the slimmest body (9.9mm). Adding the ability to play DivX/XviD videos on this superb display of 4.3-inches  and a feature packed 8MP camera makes this device a true multimedia experience. But, is this all enough to call it the Best Smartphone? Let's discuss that in the end verdict.

HTC Sensation XE

HTC Sensation XE
This powerhouse from HTC boasting a whopping 1.5Ghz Dual-Core Processor surely is sensational. With great build quality and bolder looks, the Sensation also brings Beats Audio Technology to the masses for better sound quality. The other features which have become now a basic for a smartphone to have are all loaded in except for a Super AMOLED display. The point is whether having a audio technology gimmick bagged in makes it worth enough to being called the Best Smartphone? Well, now let's finally talk about it in the Verdict below. 


No, it's not the iPhone 4S. Everyone expected that the new iPhone would have a new design, larger screen (Seriously, 3.5inch?) and 4G connectivity but what we got was the same old device with a change from inside. Without any doubts, Siri truly is an innovation but calling the iPhone 4S Best Smartphone for only this won't do justice to others. I still recommend the 4S to buyers looking out for the Best Camera phone but it will cost Indians Rs.44,000. So, loyal Apple fans go for it but it's not the best.

Samsung's Galaxy S II owned the throne of Best Smartphone throughout the year but by the end of the year, things changed as other Android phones like Galaxy Nexus, Motorola's Droid Razr came into the market. Buyers looking for a entertaining multimedia device, get this. You won't be disappointed.

Geeks would love the power HTC's Sensation XE possesses, but Android 2.3 Gingerbread doesn't really take the advantage of this power. Beats Audio System looks like a gimmick and there's nothing really exceptional about it. Want a good looking powerhouse device? Get this.

So, this leaves us with the last two contenders - Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Droid Razr. The Razr is remarkably a unique design at just 7.1mm thin and weighs only 127g. It has got the right stuff bundled in working perfectly. Razr has a 4.3inches display size whereas the Nexus is a little bigger at 4.65inches and both carry the same 1.2Ghz Dual-Core Processor. At one point, it looks like a tie between these two devices but wait, we have a WINNER. The only place where the Razr falls short is where the Nexus wins and that is Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It's the smartest operating system Google has released yet and if the Razr gets the update in near future then it will be the Best Smartphone but till then, the Galaxy Nexus is sure Winner! (Releasing by the end January 2012 in India)

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