Toyota Launches an All-new Compact Hybrid, the Aqua - World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Hybrid

Toyota Motor Corp has launched a smaller version of its hugely popular Prius hybrid, the Aqua, an all-new compact hatch, aimed to compete with Honda for the young buyers who are looking for a fuel-efficient entry-level vehicle. 
For a start, the Aqua looks quite good for a hybrid, and the overall design is a feast for the eyes. The compact hatch manages to look much better than the Prius. 

Bold yet functional Interior with good amount of space and comfort

Under the hood, the Aqua is powered by not one, but two engines - A 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder engine along with an electric motor. The battery which powers the electric motor is made up of nickel metal hydride. Both the engines work in perfect harmony to provide an unbeatable fuel-efficiency of 35kpl. In comparison, its bigger brother, the Prius manages 32kilometers to the litre. Toyota aims to sell around 12,000 units of the Aqua every month in japan alone with an entry-level price of 1.69 Million Yen which is around 11,50,000 INR.    

Toyota's Aqua Concept at this year's Tokyo Motor Show

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