Best New Features in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich [VIDEO]


Before you start reading about the new features, read everything about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the launch of Samsung Galaxy Nexus


Multi-tasking has been one of Android’s major competitive advantages over iOS. It took iOS years before it even incorporated a limtied form of multi-tasking, and Android 4.0 improves even more on Android’s multi-tasking system, making it easy to use multiple applications in the same time and switch between them.


Another main advantage of Android over iOS has always been the availability of widgets, which allow you to see a lot more information at a glance on your home screen. Android 4.0 brings expandable widgets that can become as large as you want them to be, and you can also interact with them without entering the application.

Face Unlock

Face Unlock is a unique feature to Android, and it brings the convenience of opening your phone just by looking at it. It’s not the most secure method to lock your phone in the world, but unless someone has your picture and plans on stealing your phone, you should have nothing to worry about. Plus, it’s something cool to show your friends.

Panorama Mode

Panorama modes have existed before in other 3rd party apps, but it’s always been kind of a pain to use, because you had to match the sides of the pictures. Android 4.0 brings a new way of taking panorama pictures, by simply gliding your phone in the air, and letting the software handle the photo stitching to create your panorama.

Android Beam

Android Beam feature takes advantage of NFC technology to allow phones to communicate with each other and send each other different information, like contact info, links, and so on.

Features Source: Android headlines. 

Android has evolved a lot from over the past years. From Cupcake till the Ice Cream Sandwich, it has revolutionized the smartphone experience more and more. With each upgrade, it is becoming a more and more powerful OS. The Ice Cream Sandwich update has already been named as the Best Android Upgrade yet. It's still not confirmed when is the Galaxy Nexus, the 1st phone to have Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich will be arriving in India. We are hoping to get our hands soon on a real one to get you real time experience about this tasty Ice Cream.