Google celebrates Halloween with the Fashionable Doodle

After the launch of Android 4.0, Google has got into the Halloween spirit with the search giant creating a real world Google Doodle, carving six monstrously sized pumpkins into a festive themed rendition of the company’s infamous logo.

Renowned for its eye catching doodles, Google’s latest take on the brand logo is currently on the Google homepage in the form of a sub one minute time capture video showing the pumpkins being carved to read a eerie version of the name.

The six giant pumpkins, each of which weigh over 1,000 pounds (454KG) were snapped up in the Half Moon Bay area of California before being shipped to Google’s nearby Mountain View complex. We love their Doodles. 

Check out the most memorable Google Doodles HERE. Let us know which one you likes the most?

Source: t3, oddee