Amazing Inforgraphic on Average Day on Facebook

In this infographic, Mashable's JESS3 desginer and writer Zoe Fox examines engagement statistics with the world’s most popular social network-Facebook.
On a given day, 26% of users “Like” a friend’s status, 22% comment on a friend’s status and 15% update their own status.

The average user has 229 friends, of which 22% are from high school, 12% are co-workers, 9% are from college and 3% they only met once. In 2008, the average user was 33. Two years later, the average user was 38, five years older.
Compared with other social networks, Facebook users are the most engaged. Fifty-two percent visit Facebook daily, beating out others for daily visitors, such as Twitter (36%), Myspace (7%) and LinkedIn (6%).

Take a look through the data and let us know how your daily Facebook use compares with the average user. Please Zoom In to from Browser to View the Infrographic properly.
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Source: Mashable