Bajaj Unveils Its First-Ever 4-Wheeler – The ‘RE60’

Bajaj RE60

Bajaj Auto, the maker of iconic Pulsar range of motorcycles and ‘RE’ Auto rickshaw, has finally unveiled its first 4-wheeler vehicle – the RE60. With its tiny footprint and Eco-friendly nature, the RE60 aims to set new standards for 4-wheelers when it comes to fuel economy and emissions. The RE basically stands for ‘rear engined’ (the engine is at the back) and 60 is the emission figure for this 4-wheeler (it emits 60g of CO2 per kilometer)

If you ask me, the RE60 looks like something straight out of a Japanese comic strip; an overtly upright stance, pencil-thin tires and a short wheelbase further accentuating the point. There are a few good bits though; like for instance, a well-designed pair of headlights and a tower block-like silhouette that allows for much more room inside the cabin. The RE60 can seat four adults with room to spare. The interior, much like the Tata Nano, is quite basic; the instrument cluster sits in the middle with a
dash-mounted gear lever and storage bins on either side.

The RE60 is powered by a 200cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke DTSi engine. This single-cylinder engine churns out around 20hp, making it not that powerful. However, the engine doesn’t have to carry around much weight (the whole thing weighs just 400kg) 
Bajaj has limited the top-speed to 70km/h in interest of safety. The car will also be available in CNG and LPG variants though there won’t be a Diesel RE60 as the engine will be too heavy for something this small.

The price-list has not yet been released. The RE60 is expected to hit the road in a few months time, and will be made in India at Bajaj’s 3-wheeeler plant in Aurangabad whose production capacity will be increased. 

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