Facebook rolls out Timeline for Pages

Facebook Timeline for Pages

See that above? Yes, that's a Notification on MAG CUBE's Facebook page informing us about the launch of much-awaited Timeline for Pages. 

Facebook Pages around the world can now upgrade to Timeline just like users had updated their profiles. This will bring along a lot of changes for big brands and businesses. The old Tab system where we could use special Welcome page or apps or any other such tabs is practically useless now. 

The new Timeline features include the option to pin posts to the top of the page for a period of over one week. Wait there's more. You can even receive and reply to private messages from any Facebook User. Obviously, the cover photo design element is present in here. Expect a lot more of creative brand designed cover photos now. We ourselves have gone busy designing one. 

All Facebook Pages can upgrade to Timeline right away but they have also been given an optional 30 day period to revert back before Timeline is forcibly published on March 30th. A new admin panel and Activity Log lets Pages feature, hide, and delete posts. In case of mobile users, the Timeline on Pages isn't visible yet but soon will be.