Disney's Sci-Fi Epic Movie In 3D 'John Carter' Gets Saved

John Carter, Disney's Sci-Fi epic 3D movie will be out in India tomorrow. Maker of Finding Nemo and Wall-E, Andrew Stanton has ventured into an action sci-fi movie. Now the reason we have brought this up because Mars is still alive. What I mean to say is that, it is one planet the film industry or rather Hollywood has not had enough off. Now that does not mean the movie will not work. I will tell you why.

Over the years Disney's movie trailers have done a good job on keeping the audience curious. But in case of John Carter it has been kind of loose. Disney should thank a fan who has gone out of his way and altered the trailer as per his thoughts. And it turns out that the trailer has more hits than the original trailer of John Carter by Disney. Even if they have upset their audience by promoting the movie with a loose trailer, here is the one that will change your mind about the movie.

Fan made trailer via Collider

Courtesy Collider we would like to show some of behind the scenes clips of the movie.

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