Sony Unveils New Walkman Players for NWZ-B170 series

Sony NWZ-B170 Walkman Player

Sony's longest line of product series - Walkman gets two new players for the Indian market called 'NWZ-B172' and 'NWZ-B173'. Both the players belong to 'NWZ-B170' series. Don't judge them by the unusual model names. The two almost identical players sport a new, sleek design similar to that of a USB dongle. 

Sony claims a good 18 hours of music playback through built-in lithium-ion batteries. The Quick Charge feature provided in here, charges the players in just three minutes, giving you 90 minutes of play. The color-matched LED Flash lights on board that change according to the tune of the music surely play a vital role in grabbing eye candies. A BASS button provided in the player maximizes the audio experience. The NWZ-B172 comes with 2 GB internal memory, while the NWZ-B173 sports 4 GB. Drag and drop functionality with a smart music finder called 'ZAPPIN' are packed in for better user experience. 

Sony NWZ-B170 Walkman Player

The two are available in four attractive chic style colors including black, red, gold and pink hues. Sony has priced the higher model NWZ-B173 at Rs.3990 and the lower model NWZ-B172 at Rs.2990. Both the Walkman players are available throughout India in Sony stores and other stores. 

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