Samsung launches Music Hub, aims to become an iTunes competitor

Wasn't Microsoft's failed attempt (Zune) of being an iTunes competitor enough as an example for other companies? Looks like it wasn't. Samsung has launched their very own online music streaming service called 'Music Hub'. It is the first time the company has tried to build their own music services from scratch. A closer look explains that it's trying to compete with Apple's iTunes.

And yes, their latest flagship device Galaxy S 3 will be the first one in the line to get this music service. It will be available for now in Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the UK. Other devices will get the service very soon. 


  • Storing your own music in the cloud  which will automatically appear on all your devices and can also be stored for offline listening
  • Radio recommendations
  • 19-million song catalog provided by 7digital
  • Buy songs and albums with 30-second previews
  • Search, create playlists, share songs with friends 
  • View lyrics, album info and create personal radio stations
  • Access library on any PC at www.musichub.com
  • Music Hub Premium offers unlimited streaming, a recommendation engine, personal radio and Scan & Match Cloud Locker for 9.99 euors ($16 approx)