Ferrari Ki Sawari Coming up!

Another VC Films treat is coming up in couple of hours in a theatre or multiplex near you. Like any Bollywood movie, even this one has had its share of gossips, rumors and item girl masalas. One of the interesting one's was when we heard that the film will be seen by 'Ferrari' the company to see if their brand has been used in a proper way in the film. It seems FKS got the green signal from 'Ferrari' and zoomed straight through.

Another interesting thing about the movie is that the child actor who was somehow rumoured to be a look-alike of Amol Gupte's child, turned out to be false. Instead there is an intriguing story behind his casting. Ritwik, name of the child artist in FKS, was discovered by the director Rajesh Mapuskar at a McDonald outlet. When taken on board, the actor did not have an acting experience in films or adverts nor he knew how to play cricket which is the most crucial part of the movie. Well it is matter, just a matter of time and we will find out if he has faked it well.

The movie was screened for the actors and the crew. Of all the crew, Boman Irani could not stop his smile. He was very happy to see the tremendous response to the film. Among the praises one was even by Mr. Bachchan. "Bachchan Saab, Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and others have watched the film and they liked it. They even got emotional while seeing the movie and this is a compliment to the director. He has made the film with so much truth and honesty that people are moved by the film," said Boman Irani, courtesy NDTV movies. 

Personally I am not a big fan of item numbers taking place in recent movies. I even doubt if these item numbers are scripted. Anyway, FSK being a family movie also has also packaged one item number. It will be featuring Vidya Balan. Her fans wont give this one a miss for sure. Here is a snapshot of her look in the film. 

Enough said, before I wrap up the article, how about having a look at the promo of the film to remind you all of what was it about the movie that created the initial point of interest in your head. Enjoy!