iPhone 4S launched in India

The most talked about and awaited phone of the year finally lands in India but wait here's the catch, the base 16GB model of the iPhone 4S will cost your pocket Rs.44,500, 32GB & 64GB versions are priced at Rs.50,900 and Rs.57,900 respectively. Isn't that overpriced? Well that depends on how loyal fan you are to Apple to buy this one. India's largest mobile service provider Airtel and Aircel launched it today. You can get the 4S, which works on both GSM and CDMA from both the service providers. 

The iPhone 4S is powered by a Dual Core A5 Processor, a 8MP sensor with a new refined camera and is capable of shooting Full HD 1080p videos. The biggest feature is "Siri". Practically, a voice assistant app who will identify whatever you ask like, weather, reply to a text, set a reminder, ask the time, find a definition, call a person, etc. It will be like talking to a person. A lot has been discussed about Siri over the months. Poor battery life, Siri security issues, etc are the issues that came up with the iOS 5 update. Apple is soon going to release update to fix these issues.

Would you by the overpriced iPhone 4S? Let us know.