Facebook Timeline - Globally Available Now, Finally!

Facebook Timeline launched

A lot of tricks & trips to add the Timeline got scattered like wildfire around the net much after Mark Zuckerberg himself introduced it back in the month of September. With this, users can chart their entire Facebook history via Timeline, from their first friend to the most recent status update. It gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments.

Start using Timeline by going to facebook.com/about/timeline and click the "Get Timeline" button on the bottom right. Facebook will also add a notice to the top of your profile starting tomorrow. It's also available on Android phones and via m.facebook.com. 

You will get a seven-day review period, though it can be published earlier, too. Timeline will replace your existing profile, but stories and photos from that profile will be transferred to Timeline. 

I have been using it in the beta mode since last two months and without any further thoughts, I would recommend this. It's certainly most solid update Facebook ever released. It gives you complete control on what should be seen by others on your Timeline and what not with the help of Feature on Timeline option. 

Creative Timeline Design
Plus, the cover photo is a fresh new exchange from those old boring profile pictures style which every other website uses. Timeline designs also became famous after many creative buffs got all experimental with their cover photo designs. On the right side of the cover photo, you get a list of months, years which extend till the day you were born. Add your childhood photos & videos by jumping to a specific childhood memories dates. 

It's a noble effort by Facebook and a bonus for the users. The Timeline is going to be the next trend especially because of the cover photo designs. Go get it now! Tell us whether you liked it or not?