World’s Most Expensive Car Crash Ever?!

To put it simply - Yes
On Sunday, the 4th of December, Thirteen Supercars (Yes! You read it right) were reduced to scrap metal on a rain-slicked Chugoku expressway in western Japan. The convoy which included quite a lot of Ferraris; Namely, a couple of 355s, two F360s, the 612 Scaglietti, and a pair of Ferrari F430s (including the hardcore ‘Scuderia’ version), a Lamborghini Diablo, three Mercedes Benzes, the home-grown Nissan GT-R and wait for it.. A Toyota Prius, were heading towards Hiroshima for a Supercar gathering (except for the Prius). 

The Supercar massacre is believed to have happened after one of the leading Ferrari drivers lost control at over 140km/h and slid across the wet road, ending up into the path of oncoming Supercars. This set off a chain reaction of (painful) crashes. Thankfully, everyone escaped the crash without any serious injury – Sadly, that cannot be said for some of the cars which will never see the light of day.

Total cost of this exotic pile-up is estimated to be well beyond $3 million - Big Ouch!  



                                                   Here's the aftermath Video