Top 40 Most Shared Articles On Facebook in 2011

As the end of 2011 approaches, the Social Network giant revealed a list compiled of articles that were shared the most by there close to 1billion users.

A few years back, your Facebook status might just be some random sentence but that scenario has changed now. People share more of news articles and stuff they like rather than just random thoughts which are usually copy/paste. 

Yahoo! ranks highest in terms of news shared from there website (12 articles). Let us know if you had shared any of these news. Here's a list of 40 Most Shared Articles of 2011 revealed by Facebook: (Click on any story to read the entire news)

12. How to Talk to Little Girls  (The Huffington Post)
13. Stop Coddling the Super-Rich  (New York Times)
14.Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior  (Wall Street Journal)
17. Why You’re Not Married (The Huffington Post)
21. Notes From a Dragon Mom (New York Times)
24. Penn State, my final loss of faith  (Washington Post)
40. Steve Jobs’s Patents  (New York Times)
Which one's your favorite among these? Let us know.
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