ALERT! Saved Passwords on Google Chrome are visible to Anyone using Your Browser

We all have the habit of saving our passwords in order to save time but have you ever wondered whether is it safe enough to allow the browser in having your password information with itself? 

The answer to my above question depends on the browser your using. If you're a Google Chrome user which now is the most used browser worldwide then your saved passwords aren't safe. All your saved passwords can be seen by any third person who has the access to your computer and decides to use Chrome for surfing the web. Not everyone's computer or laptop is completely personal and Google needs to understand that. Anyone from your house, friends or office can see your saved password in Chrome. Don't commit the mistake of saving your password in a office PC or a publicly used computer. 

To understand how anyone can see your password or to delete your saved passwords, follow these steps.

Head over to the 'Options' button from the Settings icon in the Chrome browser.

On the left side under the Personal Stuff Tab, click on Manage Saved Passwords.
You'll be able to see the list of websites for whom you have saved your password. Now, as soon as you click on anyone, a small 'Show' button on the left side of the saved password turns up. Click on it and there you have your saved password visible to anyone who tries to use Google Chrome on your PC.
It's still surprising to see that Google hasn't done anything to solve this issue. A simple don't show saved passwords or a password to protect your saved passwords is a much needed option in Chrome which is missing. Be aware the next time you decide to allow your Chrome browser to Save a password. Spread the word about this issue.