'Mission Impossible 4' is now Tom Cruise's Highest Grossing Film

Mission Impossible 4 Tom Cruise

The fourth sequel by Paramount - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol reached $400 million on the international box office this Friday, thus now with a global total of $603.5 million which makes it Tom Cruise's top earning number yet.
In addition to that, Ghost Protocol also is the highest grossing title in this franchise. The previous best was Mission: Impossible II, which grossed $546.4 million globally.
All the credit to these earnings goes to some breath-taking action sequences directed by Brad Bird like the Burj Khalifa scene which already had gained popularity even before the film got release. Back in India, although there are many Tom Cruise fans, the hype was even more as Indian actor Anil Kapoor was a part of this Hollywood action flick.
Previously, Tom Cruise's highest earning film record was held War of the Worlds, directed by Steven Spielberg which earned $591.7 million.
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