Meet PACPAD 1 - Android Tablet built by Pakistan's Military

PACPAD 1 Tablet

No it's no joke. What you just read is 100% true. The Pakistan Air Force based out of Kamra, in northern Pakistan have gone ahead and built this Android tablet called PACPAD 1 (Pakistan Aeronautical Complex PAD) for a price of $200. According to reports, the Pak military has tied up with a Hong Kong based company named 'Innavtek' to manufacture this tablet. 

At such a low-price, the 7-inch tablet manages to pack in a 1Ghz processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread but there's no camera here. We were impressed by the video playback capabilities which even includes Full HD MKV format playback support. PAC eBook 1 and a PAC nBook 1 laptop are the other products made by the military before this tablet. 

Other specifications of the PACPAD 1 tablet are: 

If your having thoughts about why would the military build a Tablet, then join us in the confusion and leave back your thoughts in the comments below.Source | Source