5 Indians short-listed for TIME 100 most influential people

Just like every year, TIME has once again made out a list of people who are influential globally. This list includes leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes. This year's list is pretty interesting as majority of personalities belong to the tech industry itself. But some noteworthy Indians have also been short-listed and these five Indians we found in the list are truly deserving to make it to the final list of 100. The official voting ends on Friday, April 6 and the final list of 100 will be out by Tuesday, April 17. 


At the age of 39, Sachin Tendulkar is Cricket's greatest-ever batsman and is still reaching new highs: he recently became the first player to reach 100 scores of 100 in international play. The "ton of tons" came a full year after his 99th, leading some to wonder whether Tendulkar was slowing down. That's nonsense, and now that the acknowledged pressure to reach 100 is off, he's likely to cut loose — a terrifying prospect for opponents, but a terrific one for lovers of the sport. 


At the age of 74, Anna Hazare through a highly publicized hunger strike, this diminutive septuagenarian channeled frustration across India over corruption, inspiring mass protests that brought the government virtually to its knees. A figure of Gandhian simplicity, Hazare's movement has compelled New Delhi's politicians to get to work on a bill that would create a powerful, independent anticorruption ombudsman — a body that could radically transform the way things work in the world's largest democracy.


Do Bollywood heroines have sex? Thanks to Vidya Balan, the answer is finally, Yes, yes, yes! Balan started her career with romantic fluff, playing coy, chaste leading ladies, but has found critical acclaim (and box office success) playing real women with real desires, from a 1970s soft-porn star to the sister of a murder victim who fights for justice. She's more popular than ever, a Bollywood icon for the knowing woman of the new India.


At the age of 61, Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat is the most polarizing figure in Indian politics. Hailed by his supporters as a pro-business man of action — an uncommon figure in a country constantly criticized for its bureaucracy — Modi is in the running to be India's next Prime Minister. But he remains associated with the ugly legacy of the 2002 Gujarat riots, where, under his watch, thousands died in an anti-Muslim pogrom.


At the age of 60, Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar, has done what many considered impossible by introducing good governance, social equity and economic growth to Bihar, an Indian state that was once an emblem of the worst of Indian corruption, poverty and brutality. His success (and re-election) has introduced a revolutionary new idea to Indian politics: that delivering basic services to the poor is as effective a political strategy as promising handouts or pandering to religion or caste.

Cast your vote soon and spread this. If you find some other Indian serving India only, then do let us know. We'll add him/her to this list. Many other famous global personalities have made it to the list. Vote them as per your choice. FULL LIST OF TIME 100