RIM has managed to sell a million Blackberry Playbooks

Yes, you read it right. The company's CEO Thorsten Heins said that they has managed to sell a million Blackberry Playbook tablets. In comparison, the new iPad sold a million in just a day while Playbook has taken a year to do so. 

Launched back in February 2011, the device was appreciated for it's new OS but also received hell lot of criticism for many things missing like limited app availability, no calendar,email or contact app or even BBM services unless you connect it with your Blackberry smartphone. Who would spend a $500 dollars for this then? Turns out a million people have already done that. The price drop of 50% in December 2011 or the update to Blackberry OS 2.0 can be the only valid proofs for these sale numbers or for that matter the availability of few Android apps for the tablet. The company also slashed out smartphone prices to boost sales in India. 

Are you one of these million buyers? If yes, do let us know your opinion about the tablet.