Android Browser gains #1 spot worldwide, beats Opera and Safari

Forget the Chrome browser launched by Google, analytic firm, StatCounter has shown us that Google's own stock Browser on Android now has a share of 22.67% which makes it the most used mobile browser around the world. 

This means it has beaten Opera which is still close behind to Android with 21.7%. How can we forget Apple’s Safari for iPhone that now is holding 3rd position at 21.06% share. If you're wondering about Nokia’s Symbian browser then it has a share of 11.24% and RIM’s BlackBerry browser is surviving last at 6.53%. 

credit: StatCounter

These statistics indicate the growth of Android and show us that people use stock browsers more often than other alternatives like Dolphin, etc. But also these are very close statistics. A fluctuation is imminent. If only Google had made Chrome for Android available to all old android builds, then these shares would have had a new competitor. Tell us how's your experience of using the stock browsers or do you opt for other 3rd part browsers?