LG reveals world's first flexible e-paper display

LG flexible plastic e-book
Flexible up to 40 degree.

Today seems the day for future gadgets to become a reality. Google's self-driving car amazed us and now LG Display unit does what no other company could mass produce. We have seen these earlier as concepts but this is the first time a flexible e-paper display will go into mass production. Yes! even you can get it in your hands very soon. This 6-inch flexible plastic display sports a 1024x768 resolution and it can stretch up to 40 degree to prove it's flexibility. A 0.7 millimeter thick display will deliver newspaper like experience for readers. If you're thinking about it's weight, then it's as light as 14grams

There are no doubts that this technology will set an alarm for other companies and we expect tonnes of these to come throughout 2012 now. As for now, the company is aiming at a Europe launch probably next month. 

What's your take on this? Will this replace handheld real newspapers?