Google shows-off it's Self-Driving Car, leaves you amazed [VIDEO]

Imagine you are simply eating with both hands or talking on the phone or even sleeping on the driving seat but don't worry the car is driving itself. Well, your imagination can become a reality soon. No, it's not in a James Bond or a sci-fi Hollywood flick made up with loads of visual effects to show a self-driving car. 

This is for real and Google puts in a blind man in the driving seat to show you that it works. The Self-driving project led by Google was announced back in 2010 and their 2yr hard work is evident in this video test. As Google quotes this will make 'driving safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient'. The company has already safely completed over 200,000 miles of computer-led driving. The video test was arranged as a technical experiment outside of their core research efforts. Steve Mahan, the man whose lost 95% of his vision experiences the joy of driving, and more importantly, he enjoys the dignity of self-determination with the help of the self-driving car. This technology can help many and can revolutionize everything in the autonomous industry. Sit back and see it for yourself.