Review: Smart StatusBar Android App shows Status Bar in any FullScreen App

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All Android users are aware of the fact that they cannot access the notification or status bar when working or playing on a Full screen app. The stock Gallery App itself works in a Full screen mode restricting users access to the notification bar. But now an app named 'Smart StatusBar' developed by Kiumiu.CA is here to the rescue. The App is designed to reveal status bar in any Full screen app with a simple gesture. Yes! It perfectly does that without a glitch.

On starting up, the welcome screen itself asks you to practice the gesture. A simple swipe from the top of your phone will reveal the stock Android statusbar and then you have to swipe the revealed bar till down to view your notifications. This comes in very handy while your playing a game and just need to check out if there's a important notification or not.

Moving ahead when you click Next, the app directs you to the settings section. Don't make the mistake of ticking off the first two options of start/stop and start on boot, or else you will wind up complaining about the app. Another utility found here is that you can decide on a Timeout. This will make the statusbar hide itself automatically after the selected timeout. It's better if you keep the Touch Vibration Feedback 'on' as it will help you understand whether your gesture worked out or not while testing the app in Full screen mode. That's all in the settings. Now let's test it.

The Smart StatusBar does exactly what it's meant to do. We tried it at various apps as you can see above. Just a small swipe from the top instantly showed the status bar followed by a vibration feedback. The only single full screen app where the Smart StatusBar didn't work was in the recently launched 'Angry Birds Space' game. Rest assured it will work elsewhere. The app really is smart as the name suggests.

The Good:
  • A handy tool with no bugs or glitches and it's free
  • Timeout feature 
The Bad:
  • Didn't work on full screen game 'Angry Birds Space'
Market Rating: 4.9/5
Our Rating: 4.5/5
Compatibility: Android 2.0 and up
Download: FREE / PAID

Note - It doesn't work in Honeycomb and ICS tablet version because there is no such need.