Countdown has begun for 'Battleship'

We have not really had enough of the aliens now, have we? Neither has Hollywood. And we don't even mind it as long as they look different from the previous one's & convincingly a true visual alien.

Now it's BattleshipI know that this movie poster is not exactly in English but this is the only one I could find with all the three lead actors of the movie. Liam Neeson of Schindler's List, Taylor Kitsch of John Carter & singer Rihanna who is starting her debut in movies through this action packed flick. 

It might seem just another alien movie, where all hell breaks loose when they invade us & the entire world (though it is always USA from the looks) starts fighting back & eventually wins. To why I am bringing this movie up, well it might have the same pattern but this time the plot is around a ship stuck in an ocean to fight with the alien ship. So it is more like one on one battle, which is what it seemed like when the first trailer released but the latest trailer has movie-goers biting their nails. In this trailer, aliens also attack the city. 

The movie is directed by Peter Berg. Battleship is the first action flick of such magnitude for Berg. His previous movies that can be accounted under action-thriller are Hancock & Collateral. So it is safe to say that this movie must have been a challenge for Berg. Good for him the film is backed up by Hasbro production company. It is the same production that got us Transformers Trilogy. A little general knowledge, Hasbro is a toy making company. 

Now lets see how you find the trailer & If you find it good enough then there is a little good news waiting below it. 

The movie is releasing in India a month prior to US. Release date is 13th April 2012 so in about less than 10 days you will witness this thrilling action packed sci-fi movie in a multiplex near you. The countdown has already begun. Set reminders or cancel any sundry appointments you have & be the first one to witness this spectacular experience.