Google vs Facebook: The Fight in Numbers

Google vs Facebook
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A lot has changed since last year Google got under the leadership of Larry Page as the CEO. The company did everything they could to stop social network king - Facebook from ruling the web. In this fight, Google introduced Google Plus, changed their privacy policies and even altered with their search result algorithms. It's hard to understand the company's famous motto of "Don't be evil" when all they do is act evil. Facebook in contrast in growing enormously with Timeline, news ticker updates and also Timeline for Brand Pages.

It's a never ending fight with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue through advertisements. Google surely is the winner here but increasingly it's facing competition from Facebook. Keeping this virtual fight apart, the facts and numbers truly tell us where each of the Internet Titans stand. Have a look below: 

Google - co-founder Larry Page 
Facebook - co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Advertising revenue:
Google - $36.5 billion
Facebook - $3.2 billion.

Annual net income: 
Google - $9.7 billion 
Facebook - $668 million.

Social networking users: 
Facebook - 845 million 
Google - 100 million

Google - 32,500
Facebook - 3,200

Google wins the fight in many places but the only scenario where it can't beat Facebook is the number of social network users. What's your take on this? Google or Facebook?