Lockout Come's up with 5 minutes Prologue

If you love the TV Series Prison Break then you have yourself in for a treat. The movie Lockout which is up for release on this friday is a whole new level of Prison Break, more like Space Prison Break. Actor Guy Pearce who found his fame from the movie Memento directed by Christopher Nolan is out to prove his worth as a true action star. 

Just couple of days away from the release date the Europa Corp. decided to release a 5 minute clip of the start of the movie. The movie is directed by James MatherStephen St. Leger & also stars Maggie Grace (Taken). 

The plot of the movie is based in future year 2079 where in Guy Pearce, a man wrongly convicted is offered freedom if he rescues the President's daughter (Maggie Grace) who is stuck in a prison up in the space. The 5 minute prologue serves really well as appetizer, Main course will be served on the release date 13th April 2012 (USA).

 It is not confirmed if the movie will release for our Indian fans. But you never know. Until then courtesy EW, enjoy the clip.