RGV's next 'Department' first look & trailer

After giving up on the film camera, Ram Gopal Varma also known as 'RGV' Director of Rakta Charitra and many more has taken a giant leap into the digital world. Meaning, films like Dongala Mutha & Not A Love Story were shot by using DSLR cameras. Apart from this camera's being economical it also changed the look & feel of the entire shooting technique. From a personal experience by being on one of the sets of the film, I can say that it makes life lot easier.

RGV has always been known for venturing into the unknown territory & trying out new things. He is one of the known Directors in India & abroad for always having the hunger to create new or innovate techniques in film making. From the news it has been heard that RGV has recruited students of a film school named FX School based in Andheri, Mumbai for camera work, editing & VFX for his movies. There we go, just as I said new & innovative. 

Since the adoption of DSLR cameras his films like Dongala Mutha & Not A Love Story did not create the magic in box office. But the upcoming film Department has created a lot of buzz in the B-town. 

Here we have the first look of the film Department.

As it can be seen it is needless to say the starcast itself is irresistible. RGV has previously worked with Amitabh Bachchan in Sarkar & Sarkar Raj & with Sanjay Dutt in Daud. Both of the films have done justice to box office. Rana Daggubati, a sensation in the south is also part of the cast.

The tagline of the film 'Justice is their crime' seems passably challenging. Now to get a hint of what the tagline stands for & what is the movie all about. Courtesy Bollywood Hungama not only the first look, I also have the films first theatrical trailer for you. Check it out.

Writer of the film is Nilesh Girkar who has also been the writer for Dongala Mutha & has written for Ab Tak Chappan 2 which is still in production.

It would be too premature to say weather this film would work or it won't. RGV always has a surprise up his sleeves. We will soon find out now. Film is releasing on 18th of May 2012.