Upcoming Range Rover to lose nearly 400 kilos


The new Range Rover has been yet again caught testing yet again and this time lot more details are visible through the JLR’s cool camouflage. If we go by the spy shots, the all-new Range Rover's design has largely been untouched except for a sleeker front-end with headlamps that seem to embrace new LED running lights, as well as a slightly sleeker roofline. Overall, the car virtually looks similar to the current generation. 

But the big news for this next-generation Rangie is the significant amount of weight reduction that's apparently on tap – reports have claimed that as much as 400 kilos have been shed off the massive SUV. This weight loss is largely due to an all-new aluminum platform, as well as extensive use of lightweight materials all over the bodywork.

No word on what's going to be under the hood as far as drive-train goes, but it will probably end up with the usual range of eight-cylinder engines. The other big news surrounding this new Range Rover is the possibility of a hybrid power-train making its way into the new models - preferably, an electric motor to help boost fuel economy and emission figures.

Image source: www.autoguide.com