Apple announces iOS 6: Siri updated, full Facebook integration and more

Apple has just officially announced the next version of their mobile operating system aka iOS 6. Among the claimed 200 new features, Siri gets the biggest update. The personal-assitant app can now launch apps just as you call out the name of the app and it'll open. Now it will also support sports like informing you about scores and statistics. There's more support added like restaurant selections, movie information through Rotten Tomatoes integration. 

The long-awaited Facebook integration into iOS6 is finally here. One will be able to have full integration of Facebook in their calendars, contacts, iCal, photos, maps, websites, etc. Aha! Facebook's 'Like' button also gets fully integrated into the App Store and iTunes Store, thus helping you decide which app or song your friends are liking. 

As rumored, Apple with iOS 6 has replaced Google Maps and is introducing their own 3D maps with turn-by-turn navigation and anonymous traffic updates.

Another feature being added will be "Do Not Disturb" mode that will allow you to completely turn off incoming calls and messages. You'll receive them but the screen won't light up or there will be no ringtone.