Review: Evernote Hello for Android

Say hello to 'Evernote Hello'. The iOS exclusive app by Evernote made it to the Android Play Store on 30th May. All iOS users might have come across this app but it's new for Android. Though the concept is same, the app offers much more than its iOS version.

It's hard for businessman or anyone to remember the people they've met. Although the traditional address book is handy, Evernote's Hello handles the same task with much ease and with features that help in real life. The basic idea or concept behind Evernote Hello is to help you remember people as their tagline suggests. We take a look at how good it is. 

Here's how the app functions in simple steps: Enter the email address of the person you've met, Snap a photo, type in a minimum amount of info about the meeting, and it creates a note in Evernote. The unique part here is, the above steps can be performed by handing over the other person to enter information himself. Although this is an old technique but a useful one. 

On starting up for the first time, you'll be asked to create an account or sign up. If you've used Evenote before, then you can obviously use the same login information here, to synchronize your app. This is only for the first time.

After the sign up, you need to fill in your name, number, twitter handle name and a profile picture if you wish to. The better part here is, you can connect your LinkedIn profile to directly add all your professional contacts 

The app is been designed very nicely. Tabbed browsing in the setting panel makes it quicker to access stuff. A simple swipe to the right, brings up the setting panel. 
The third tab in setting panel is where the Android version of hello stands out from it's iOS counterpart. The app uses your calendar, sms, call logs and email to better predict your upcoming meetings or encounters with anyone. And if you don't like this penetration, you can switch it off.

The home page has a simple textured grid layout. The top-left one, as you can see, allows you to add a contact when you meet anyone. The next grid is for search. 
When you meet an individual you think is important for you, then click on the '+' icon to add that contact. This will quickly ask you three options as you can see in the picture. Select any one option you think is suitable. 

The next steps are quite simple. First ask for the email address, second take a snap of the individual or skip this part if you want to, and the third step is entering name, number or twitter handle name. One handy feature here is to switch-on the option of emailing your contact information to the above individual instantly. Hit the done button and your encounter is recorded. Bonus features after creating the contact include adding location of the encounter and a small note. More photos can also be added.

A grid icon gets created on the home page after you've created a contact. I'll recommend adding a snap of the person you've met. This helps to remember better and creates beautiful grids as you start adding more and more contacts. 

Within a few days of using the app, your home page will get filled with pictures of people you've met. It's a great approach to replace the traditional address book. Evernote hello combines all real-life needful features and presents them in a well designed app. We definitely liked it. Start using it to remember people. A recommended app for businessmen.