Samsung's CDMA Android phone for India

Ever wondered to buy a Smartphone which would work on a CDMA network, well my dear Indian friends your search ends here. Samsung has done the needful by launching Galaxy I500. Reliance’s CDMA network is packed in. Beneath this body lies in a 1 GHz processor
which will take care of your multitasking and gaming, though new generation phones now host dual core processors but still it’s sufficient enough for daily use. A 5megapixel camera with a LED flash combined with video recording of up to 60mins will fulfill your photography needs. Something really surprising is Samsung has offered a good 2GB internal memory and plus a 16GB micro SD card comes with the package. That’s sufficient enough to store all your movies, music and pictures. The video player supports DivX format which means no longer you will need to convert your movies to 3gp, just copy & paste your done. Out of all this advantages, the biggest plus point is the display. It comes with a super AMOLED display-the best in the mobile market right now. This guarantees best screen quality. With a 4 inch screen and weight of just 118g, Engineers at Samsung have managed to build this phone with just 9.97mm thickness. Summing it up, it’s a good Android phone and a must buy for CDMA owners looking out for an upgrade to a Smartphone. The phone has been priced at Rs.25, 000/- Approx. It’s a bit pricey considering there are better options but not in CDMA network. If you find it pricey, you can go for the cheaper CDMA version called Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA which will cost you only Rs. 9,000/-. The features will get a cut down but still it’s Smartphone you get at that price. Feel free to ask for more advice about which phone to buy.