4,00,000 Android Apps Coming To Windows 8, Thanks To BlueStacks App Player

BlueStacks Android Windows8

BlueStacks App Player had been released previously back in October for Windows 7 but it lacked some good Android Apps. To change things up, BlueStacks is set to release a new App Player for Windows 8 in coming 2012 but this time they are taking a giant leap by bringing in all the 4,00,000 Android Apps from the Market in the form of desktop Apps as well as Metro UI app modes to Windows 8. Now that's cool.

The easiest part is you don't require to do any porting. By far it is the only software worldwide that can run most of the Android apps on Windows PCs and tablets without the need of any extra tricks. 

In the video below we see some great apps like Angry birds, Facebook, Evernote, Farmville, Cut the Rope, etc. which are coming surely to Windows 8. BlueStacks plans to bring the majority out of 4,00,000 apps to Windows PC's and also has collaborated with major PC makers to provide the App Player pre-loaded into their devices. 

The App Player is set to get released as a beta copy in February. That's the same month when Microsoft will be launching there Windows Store for Windows 8.